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Wildlife Antarctica

Who said cruises only offers views of the endless blue sea. During this time, it must be admitted, is identical to the cruise ship floating hotel and overprice budget that can only be done by the super rich. In fact, the budget was very varied. Cruises also can lead us to the remote corners of the earth that holds the beauty of the skyline. Here are some of them.

None of the most challenging places on the planet besides nature Antarctica. Be one of the few people who ever conquered and set foot on the coldest continent, the chill could reach minus 40 degrees Celsius, this.

This is the most adventurous adventure, which previously could only be achieved by scientists, researchers, and historians who are members of an elite team of polar exploration.

Imagine, camping in the middle of the ice field, snowy mountain climbing, or kayaking in the waters of the almost frozen. We can also say hello to the species of the planet farthest continents, such as penguins, elephant seals and seals, to face the rigors of nature and battle scramble territories. Some ships also offer courses photographing the landscape and wildlife Antarctica.

Number 1:
• Antarctic Peninsula is the most accessible part of the continent. Can be reached by ship from Ushuaia (Argentina, flew from Buenos Aires Airport) from the southernmost South America, with a long trip for 2 days. Cruise travel package usually takes 10-14 days.
• Some operators are offering these tours include a Quark Expedition (, Sail Antarctica (, and National Geographic Explorer

Expanse of cliff green, mountain towering plateau hidden among the folds of the coastline, natural landscape nan 'magnificent' are able to present a magical atmosphere, as we see in the series Game of Thrones, or films Bravehearts and Harry Potter, is a landscape typical of the plains Scottish high. The scenery that can be found on the west coast of Scotland to the St. Kilda. Character lines winding coastal, lake waters, remote villages, the ruins of an old castle, architectural heritage neo-Gothic Victorian, tucked in between the bay with golden sand.
Most cruise that offers the grandeur of this Scottish Highlands departing from Oban, offering itinerary that stop in some places, such as Argyll, Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Staffin Bay, Clyde islands, cliffs Kilt Rock and Thunder Mealt lake with a waterfall.

Number 2:
• Ships are able to reach the most remote places in Scotland, usually small in size that accommodates about 50 guests. For example, Hebridean Island Cruises (, which offers a trip within 4-7 days, from May to September.
• The ship departed from the port city of Oban. Heading into Oban can be reached from the city of Glasgow, Edinburgh or Stirling, by car or train, about 2 hours drive

Who is not curious about the world of celebrities picnic destinations such as Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman, or the Bahamas? Do you know where the islands? Nothing else is in the Caribbean. The place has a 5000 small island is touted as a haven for lovers beach tourism (and famous as well as money-laundering haven illegal business). Find a variety of luxury hotels and resorts, the event rave parties throughout the season, and who knows met with Hollywood celebrities who are on leave.
This place has also become one of the coveted cruise operators, from the size of a gigantic tub floating city that can accommodate 2,000 guests, to which only accommodate 170 guests with a luxurious sailboat.

Number 3:
• Departing from Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, heading to St Maarten or Barbados. The operator can use the Star Clipper Treasure Islands (, Royal Caribbean (, or Disney Cruise Line (
• Go to Virgin Gorda can use a direct flight to the British Virgin Islands via Europe. Can also use the ferry from the nearby town of Tortola, Pueorto Rico, or join a cruise from Miami, Florida, USA.

Whitewashed houses that meet rocky hillside, sparkling blue beaches with clear water of the Aegean Sea is the image of a typical coastal town of Greece. This beauty has existed since prehistoric times, around 1400 BC. Its strategic location in the Mediterranean waters make it has intersected with ancient Roman and Byzantine civilizations.
Accompanied by archaeologists from Athens who became a guide trip, you will be presented with historical stories of each of the ruins of the castle or temple which many scattered islands. There are many small islands in the vicinity. On the island of Kos, for example, there is the castle of St John, from medieval times. On the island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras.

Number 4:
• Cruise with Peter Sommer Travels across the Greek islands with the traditional boat traditional Turkish Gullet or boat made of wood ( Blue Cruise Line also offers a package route passing through the island of Bodrum, Kos, Kaymnos, Leros and Patmos.
• Departing from Samos or Bodrum. Heading to Samos, there are airport serving flights from Athens. Heading to Bodrum can be reached by plane, or it could also take the bus from Turkey, Istanbul to Bodrum distance of approximately 12 hours.
• Cost: Starting from 500 euros (Rp7.5 million) for a 10-day trip.

Discover India in different sensations through the adventure on the water, tracing the most famous holy river. By using a small boat carrying up to 24 guests, 7 days unforgettable taste through the cities exotic India, which each city offers character and different colors. Places that passed also has a historical background: forts, temples, monuments, caves, national parks. Equally important is that we would be spoiled by the rich Indian culinary taste for on board.

Number 5:
• Different experience offered by Steppes (, or Bengal Ganga ( route Kolkata - Varanasi.
• Departing from Farakka (West Bengal), Kolkata, or Patna in Bihar. Available from major cities in India in Calcutta or Patna. To Farakka can be reached by train from Calcutta and takes about 5 hours.
• Cost: Starting from 45,000 rupees (Rp 9 million) for a trip for 5 days.

Underwater natural wealth of the number three in the world. The beach is colored blue gradation green with white sand beaches offer beauty as if never touched by human activity. Region covered with tropical forests, lagoons, various types of bird species, and spice plantations, make this place is far from barren. Geographical location which is far from ubiquitous enough to make us feel cast away from 'civilization', suitable to spend time alone with your partner. Another uniqueness also lies in the diversity of the general population of immigrants from India, Madagascar, South Africa, China, France, and England.

Number 6:
• Using Ship Aurora (, traveling for 19 days departing from Singapore, the route passes through Malacca (Malaysia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), the Seychelles, Mauritius, ending the trip in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, South Africa ,
• Can also departs from Durban, South Africa, or Madagascar route cruise past the Seychelles and Mauritius (
• Cost: Starting from 979 pounds (Rp18 million).

Almost all the major cruise operators must have travel packages to Alaska. 'Department' is famous crowded at all interested persons and the like did not know the season. Many of which can be explored from this place, exploring Denali National Park, see the glaciers in Glacier Bay, hiking in Skagway, or just sit on the deck while the ship to greet the sharks, eagles, or sea lions bersliweran. Lots of cruise options, from the small boat containing only 8-100, ferries, cruise ships load up to 2000 people.

Number 7:
• The big ship just stopped at the main port, usually departing from Vancouver or Seattle.
• If using the Alaska Marine Highway ferry, departing from Ketchikan or Bellingham.
• For large cruise ships, there are Carnival (, Celebrity (, Holland America (, Norwegian (, Princess (, and Royal Caribbean (Royalcaribbean. com) that can be selected cabin class. For a small boat, can use the Adventure Life Voyages (, AdventureSmith Explorations (, America Safari Cruises (, and others.
• Cost: From 120 dollars (1.5 million) per night.

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