Friday, December 4, 2015

Wartawan Beach in Lampung

If normally you are to the beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sand, on the Wartawan Beach in Lampung, you can also enjoy other unique sensation. Unique phenomenon that occurs in this beach is the smoke which also emits hot water coming out of the rocks around the beach.

This hot temperature water even sourced from dozens of springs point. Usually the hot springs are only found away from the coast, but here visitors can enjoy the beauty at the same two, beautiful beaches and unique phenomenon of hot water.

Hot water radiant beauty can be enjoyed when the water was receding shore during morning or afternoon. However, there is one important thing you should not forget. Yes! do not try dipping the feet or hands to the hot springs is because the temperature reaches 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. Hot springs estimate comes from the child of Krakatoa which is still active.

A unique phenomenon that is the source of hot water, the main attraction of Wartawan Beach. The hot water is believed by local people can treat various kinds of diseases such as arthritis, allergies and others. If you will visit this beach, try to bring a food that can be cooked, you can eat immediately after boiled in hot springs. Usually children fisherman will bring the results of their hunt such as fish, shrimp and eggs to be cooked on this beach. They then enjoy their catch while looking at the beautiful beach charm.

You also certainly can do the same thing, conducting live cooking with natural stove Wartawan Beach. More unique because the water does not taste salty despite being near the beach. Usually the tourists use it to make coffee.

The uniqueness of this beach is indeed only be enjoyed when the water was receding in the morning or afternoon. If the course was high tide hot springs had to be covered by water up to the shoreline. But even if you are unfortunate phenomenon of this beach, you can still enjoy the beautiful paintings of natural beaches that can be enjoyed from the top of Bald Hill is located not far from the hot springs. Panorama you can enjoy the beauty of the coast from the hill top altitude of 50 meters. On the hill, you can see the cave and visit the tomb of Tubagus Solomon, he is a warrior who came from Banten.

Wartawan beach located in South Lampung regency, precisely located in the village of Muli Way, District Rajabasa, Lampung province.

Fairly easy ways to get to this beach, because of its location right on the edge of the highway that connects the District Rajabasa with the City Trump. Access roads are also in good condition to pass. If you depart from the path of the intersection Gayam Bakauheni Bandar Lampung, it will cover a distance of about 31.7 Kilometers. Regarding the entry fee, you only need to pay Rp. 2.500, - per person. plus vehicle parking services, usually ranging between Rp. 2,000, - for motorcycles and Rp. 5000, - for cars.

Around the coast are already available stalls selling a variety of foods that can be enjoyed while looking at the beauty of the beach. Hotels and inns can be found around the center of Bandar Lampung which is not far from the Turkish Wartawans.

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