Thursday, 24 December 2015

Travel into the Exotic Forest

The atmosphere inside the hotel room penetrating directly into the lake Imah artist Resort, located in the middle of the forest on 11 hectares of land in the area of ​​Lembang, West Bandung regency, West Java. This room is suitable for honeymoon

In Indonesia many warnings the big day. Both the large national and religious holidays. Religious holidays is usually a day off. When the holidays approach, the long holiday weekend.

Be a long holiday for workers plus the end of the semester holidays for school children. Each momentum long holiday resulted in a wave of human movement that adds to the large volume of traffic. If the display off leberan traffic volume dominated by ritual homecoming alias return home. The exodus of millions of people to leave the Greater Jakarta area which is the basis of urbanization.

Meanwhile, when a long holiday as the end of this year, the movement of people can happen both ways. There were returned home there were even coming to the Greater Jakarta, especially school children. But the long holiday every phenomenon is the movement of people to the tourist spots. Traffic dominated by private cars. And subscribed tourists buildup is the Peak area of ​​Jabodetabek and Bandung. In both these areas is known as a tourist area that is quite interesting because of the exotic landscapes.

To Bandung coupled with culinary and various creative works. The positive benefits of a long holiday with a variety of tourist activities is turning the wheels of the economy. There is a distribution of resources or economic pie into the pockets of tourism e dank other travel services. Tourism, hotels, travel services flood of orders. It would greatly assist the government in tourism development. The occurrence of the phenomenon of routine, long holiday tour wakt not be separated from the support of various other sectors. Transport infrastructure, for example, with no toll jagorawi and very helpful Cipularang tourist activities in the area of ​​Bandung and Peak.

Moreover, the government's plan would build a fast train network from Jakarta to Bandung. And other infrastructure that supports tourism. A phenomenon called the long holiday tour because as mass occur until there is congestion on the lines assign it to the area attractions that pride. Actually, because of the two different sides. While humans are always looking for and want to experience something different. Having exhausted by the routine of work, people want a refreshing, refresh body and mind in a beautiful location, safe, convenient, and fun.

Or enjoy the unique atmosphere, even challenging. There are two different sides and sometimes desirable raises some unusual decree anything against fairness. There is a common theory that, when opening a business in strategic places or crowded by people, such as open a restaurant, store or other business at the location wayside. But now there is a unique phenomenon, for example, to open a restaurant or inn in remote places, or in the woods. This can occur because there is supply and demand. Jakarta people who daily work piles beaten, kidnapped on the road congestion and noise loudly. Both politics and business noise or noise in the true sense. When you want to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Cold mountain air, green leaves, proud trees, and want to eat in a restaurant while listening to the sound of water that clean. However, opening a business in a remote deserted place was not easy. Requires a sharp business sense to take the market niches. They know there is a market share and had to work hard to market, pick up customers.

That's why long when vacation Jabodetabek people flock to Bandung, Peak, or Sukabumi. Not to watch a concert or a party, like fire t want to eat and sleep in the woods. True human nature always longed for a friendly and unpretentious. But humans are selfish, did not want to care for, preserve nature, just want to enjoy it. Enjoy the long holiday, may be useful.

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