Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Old Travel Place named Karimunjawa

It has been almost even 10 years. Mother and father had never visited us. Somehow, their passports are not so-so. The strongest reason I believe ... because Germany was far away, a long journey requires energy and a long time. The desire to submit to the agency or take care of himself, has never been taken. Money sent ..... "When your parents come?" My husband, either for the umpteenth time, asked. "He said if already harvested beans ..." I Imitate the same answer from them.

We also uproariously. Laugh sadness and waiting because my parents did not arrive. There still time? My belief, true mother said that Germany will be very fierce in a very Javanese father. Culture here is different ... especially the weather. Very cold. Father can go to the toilet a hundred times a day. AC

Eve on the plane can make a direct father of flu. The father is already accustomed to tropical weather with winds only. Wind natural, not artificial. Mr can be shocked by the disposition of local people are certainly different from the Javanese .... Ah, yes already. So when I was going home, there is still a desire to invite the parents, especially the mother to the streets. "Mom, nyang Publications, yuk ..." Want me repeat my nostalgia, her husband and children to it while still living in Indonesia. The time, wanted to be with the mother.

Yes ... the same picnic mother to the tourist attractions are cheap, fun but beautiful. "Unwilling, adoh ..." She shook her head. Just imagine Jepara already far. Moreover, the island of Karimun. "Put on the plane, Bu ... mung 200 ewuan." Since opening Susi Air flight schedule to the island of Karimun in a particular day, there can not only be reached by boat, but also the aircraft. Faster and the price is not so expensive. "Wedi I ..." makes me sad shake of her mother. I understand the fear. In addition to age, the mother does seem afraid of heights .... Mom will love traveling hours by bus transportation. No air conditioning though. For the plane?

Mother will think a thousand times .... And behold, thump ... the sky is so blue, the water is so clear, so beautiful there .... Hmmm ... natural assets that exist on this island can only be lifted and increasingly dazzle. Requirement local governments should not be alone, residents or people should also participate cancut taliwanda ... fought. Dispose of garbage do not arbitrarily do not damage the coral reefs for economic reasons ... create creative economy for local tourism.

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