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The Hostorical Bicak Village

A small note about the "history" Bicak this village I wrote in October 2006, five months since I was assigned as a teacher in the village Bicak. When the record is still a draft opaque because kedilep (drowned) by routine work. And, new this time (December 2015), after almost 10 years, in the midst of holiday clean-up events, I found it again in a pile of archives. I think that although still a rough data analysis.

But rather than stalled, and who knows there are people who need it, or hopefully there are more studies, then this record I publish. Tracking the history or the origin or the forerunner of a community (village) might still be useful. Especially when viewed from the side of my field, which is the educational side. Because there were always selected and values ​​are inherited terteladani. He is Bicak Bicak village.

The name of a village at the end of the District of Todanan terbarat, which is also the region at the end of terbarat Blora, Central Java Province, which of course, in which lived a community, the community --- Bicak famous village with the pretty daughter Nyai tub Bicak , Bicak Village area consisting of 6 small pedhukuhan, namely: Dhukuh Bicak, Dhukuh Karangmusa, Dhukuh Sadhang, Dhukuh Dhukuhan, Dhukuh Mudal, and Dhukuh Grasak, --- intangible exotic limestone hills at an altitude of 387 meters above sea level, and is part of a row Mountains North Kendeng in Java. Bicak village community atmosphere that is friendly (welcome) increasingly felt cool just because of the surrounding forest surrounded by acacia, cashew, teak and relatively dense undergrowth. Infrastructure in the village Bicak now arguably relatively adequate.

The access road, although narrow and winding and the rise and fall sharply, but it was smooth asphalt. So the distance is 10 kilometeran the west of the Capital City District Todanan it could ditempoh about 30 menitan. Electricity network has also been connected to the village of Bicak, --- though its down-up and if there is little rain too often die.

And, irrigation systems and clean water pencukupan of some sendhang (springs) also exist, although still traditional. Rural communities need to be conveyed that a good Bicak old, young and children, son and daughter, almost all of them use sendhang-natural sendhang this as a place to shower, wash and ngangsu (take water). Then, a matter of demographics.

The total population of the village of Bicak (until 2006) reached 1,600 late soul 360s belonging to the family and consists of 776 men and 826 women. The biggest portion is thik-iyik (native) Bicak village. Almost all villagers Bicak embraced Islam. There is one family (4 people) was originally a Muslim but because of the influence of outsiders transformed into embracing Protestantism. In terms of education, in general, the older generation of villagers Bicak an elementary school graduate or equivalent (Packet A) and work as a traditional farmer.

Meanwhile the younger generation on average had junior secondary education or equivalent (Packet B), there are even some in college and others have a degree. In the village there Bicak 3 educational institution, namely SDN Bicak 01 standing filial since 1972, then in 1980 followed by the establishment of SDN Bicak 02, as well as the recently established a kindergarten Earth. Among the remaining villagers Bicak Danyang belief that they form the breech gendruwo intangible spirits. So what's the story?

According to the story narrated speech Pundhen back by Interpreter Lock (residence / transit figures origins of a village community) Village Bicak: mBah Karmidin (70 years), that figure origins Bicak villagers called Danyang. Danyang Village Bicak, according to the story said it was personified as a family gendruwo breech (spirits imagined as large, scary, probably similar gorilla?), Named Foot Robyong (father), Nini Robyong (mother) and Jaka Lelana (son ) and Siti Sundari (daughter). Gendruwo fourth was believed to live or settle in 4 large banyan tree which grew in the area that is now identified as the Bicak Sentana pundhen, and now lives 1, 3 others died-collapsed. Once Adu debate.

At one time, Legs Robyong disturbed by the presence of (transit) a character named Ki Dhalang Sapanyana the run since become DPO (List of People Search) Employment Paranggarudha (tracks are said to be in the village of Godo District of Winong Pati regency, about 10 kilometeran westward Sea Village Bicak --- because the crown prince charged with thwarting marriage with the daughter of the Kingdom Carangsoka. Legs Robyong not receive Olehkarena territory penetrated by a stranger, Ki Dhalang Sapanyana.

And, there was disagreement. The way of conflict resolution was agreed upon with the race debate. And, short story, out Ki Dhalang Sapanyana winner. As a consequence, Foot Robyong allow Ki Dhalang Sapanyana stay / layover while in the territory it. And, we are told that in transit it, tertinggallah one gamelan magic Ki Dhalang Sapanyana, such bendhe (percussion) who known Bendhe Bicak.

So on that occasion, he said, the region or the village called Village Bicak. The question is who exactly figure the origin or forerunner of villagers Bicak? Breech gendruwo Foot Robyong Cs or Ki Dhalang Sapanyana, given bendhe Ki Bicak that ultimately made the name of the village is owned Ki Dhalang Sapanyana? Or is it something else? And, true story of this speech truly have material truth?

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