Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Beautiful Koka Beach at Flores Island

Trip around the island of Flores is guaranteed not to be tedious because we will be able to see the beauty of the various corners.
At the end of October 2015, I was with a friend start a trip around the island of Flores. Our trip started early by plane from Kupang to Maumere. Arriving in Maumere we continue the journey to the village of Moni which is located 13 km from the starting point of the ascent of Mount Kelimutu.

The trip to the village of Moni from Maumere very exciting because the roads are impassable in the form of winding - winding that seemed endless.
When entering the territory of Paga, or about 42 km from the town of Maumere here we find a signpost pointing towards the beach Koka a distance of 2.5 Km from the highway. Out of curiosity, we asked the driver to stop first at the beach.
We entered the road that turned out not too good condition even rocky, on the right side of the road is thriving cocoa trees.

After passing through the semi off road we finally arrived at the beach Koka. Curiosity paid off when he saw the beautiful coast of the South Island of Flores. Koka beaches have clean white sand and lined by cliffs - cliffs that look dazzling on the other hand looks like this beach has two small bays are limited both by a large rock in the middle.

Beaches on the right appear fierce because decorated with rows of coral and rock fraudulent constantly hit by waves continuously while the left side seems more gentle because of the panorama form hill and fine, white sand.

Due to our arrival here during weekdays so no one else who visit our besides making beach Koka ours seemed personal, we were free to take the object - which is good without any interruption.

Actually we are still reluctant to move from this beach, but our journey is still far away so we had to leave this beautiful beach. We arrived back to the highway which was not far from the entry point we have crossed the line of Maumere and we go in the district of Ende.

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