Thursday, 24 December 2015

Tanjung Lepas Harbour

Suddenly his eyes open on the break blindly, than after maghrib before the evening prayer I had entered the room to sleep immediately hand groping mattress looking for a cell phone to see the time, a new clock shows the hours 22:30, there is still time I thought to close my eyes minimal until the alarm goes off, but still eye no longer wants to be invited to meet Raisa, or at least via Vallent hehehe.

Perhaps because this afternoon the shipment of tickets and Bookingan transit for return has been received so already kepikiran continue to whose name the children plus bonus his mother at home, but the thing that adds to the burden of thinking is the responsibility to still assist skipper and 2 crew newly arrived Monday yesterday in order to quickly adapt to the atmosphere and the working conditions of the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP). There is no ngganya good can turn back the second fleet, delicious kloter cepet first home can directly meet the family but delish second kloter argo also remained road to go home, despite the additional responsibilities not too light, but Okay we just enjoy each process.

My task this time increased to memfamiliarisasi 3 new crew to my ship, of three men consisted of 1 captain, 1 AB / Cook, and another man Savior oil to the engine, for the two latter only took that did not too long because it already had experience not least, for the first nor too briefly experienced in Port Operation, in Qatar and Area middle east situ and yesterday had training in Bremerhaven, Germany, for a month or less, but now fights his guts in PTP with by vessels applying new (Rotor Tug), communicates not with the language of Britain usually but with the Malay language, as well as ships sometimes be unreasonable length, width, weight and most make creeps are Slippers his and his cowboy of the scout ship rested.

Earlier we see Overview of the Port of Tanjung Pelepas, PTP is a port that is claimed by Malaysia as a port advanced our neighboring country Indonesia beloved, carrying jargon Reliable-Efficient Advanced PTP really fit with the motto, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or in writing kerenya yes 24/7 was the one, dominated by the container terminal (Container). On the one hand and on the other side there is a pier for unloading coal and tankers that size is also "Fit" depth, to describe kesibukanya one example is the time of loading and unloading are spelled out very quickly, there is container ships that time only dock-unloading-off in just 1.5 hours !!

And after taking the ship behind them was ready to fill the dock abandoned it a few moments later, then the claims advanced in said well I see makes sense also because of the many container ships passing I do not see no congestion at all like in Koja jumat..canggih night time anyway. From there may be named dweling time here can be shortened, but I still do not know dweling time in Malaysia was how long hehehe. Ko even so proud Malaysia ...

Back to compete guts, as opertor tugboat harbor (Harbour Tug) primarily to face a big ship biggest challenge was Slippers, Slippers (Forgot scientific language-pen) here instead of sandals on the feet but part of the ship that is curved into computed from behind to forward until there is a flat position to drive safely, it's slippers slippers back there is also a front in view of the bow to backward in a safe place to drive.

A lot of tricks and tips that I can be of trainer given but the number one thing is courage, useless when they understand the characteristics of the ship but the balls cringe, because sometimes daring is not enough, because of the many factors that affect, and the result is a lot of incident reports ship harbor tug that anjunganya ship destroyed or damaged in the lean, but for us, the operator was reasonable, his name is also the risk of working, if my experience the first time so create a "signature" (Blisters) in the hull which I lean rather long and fortunately not caught

Insomnia because it is also reasonable to go home, but fortunately one of medicine wrote, so the brain does not menghayal everywhere. Oklah time to focus again so that everything is working well and safely, accompanying "Tug Master" for understanding the PTP.

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