Thursday, 24 December 2015

Short Trip to Yordania

Although only a transit point on the way sirah Prophet from Mecca to the State Sham, which has now become Damascus, but the memories while in Jordan a very memorable and unforgettable. Royal Jordan plane ride, I arrived at Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan. Cold air tolerable for me accustomed to tropical climates.

According itenerary, me and Neno Tour group only transiting through Jordan to Syria next heading. At the airport, two handsome men were waiting. Unfortunately, I forgot to record the names of the two men handsome :) Both of which will guide us while in Jordan. Only travel two or three hours, we had reached the border between Jordan and Syria. A border that is far from being friendly, and does not deserve also to be called clean.

How can I call friendly, if officers do not just ask for money but also asked for cigarettes so we quickly processed. Nor asked for a pack of two cigarette packs, but two slop! Brand also wants Marlboro.

The truth is named unscrupulous rogue officers, it is everywhere ya ... Because the process of entering this border takes quite a long time, yet the number of requests officers, my friends and also intends salat in an existing building around the border. But, O God .. the toilet, really tragic. Not only a lot of human waste, nor is there any water and cleaning. The room is also full of dust and soiled clothes officers who blindly hooked. Fortunately, on the Syrian border, has been waiting for Raffi and Angga, two Indonesian students who study at the University of Damascus.

Thus, the rogue officer was not too much pressure on us because Raffi and Angga skilled diplomacy. Furthermore, Raffi and Angga over the role of being a guide, even though existing local guide named Wawan. You see, Wawan, his apprehension and impatience. Anyway .... annoying deh! Nothing is forbidden. Later on, I just know, if Wawan afraid something bad happens to us, given the circumstances at that time neighbor territorial has started not so peaceful. I'm sorry, Wawan. I also do not know, how are Wawan today.

Furthermore, after three days exploring Syria, we went back to Jordan to enter Palestine and Israel and back again to Jordan to get to Bangkok and then back to Indonesia. Before leaving Jordan, we took time to visit the cave Ashabul Kahf and have fun at the Dead Sea. His name is transit, of course, just stop for a moment. But transit to Jordan, it becomes an unforgettable wonderful experience. Especially the experience of contact with palak same border officer who (actually) handsome ... :)

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