Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rush Adrenaline at Batu Travel Place

Batu was already well known as a tourist destination in recent years. We can be sure the holiday season such as December or July, Batu will be crowded by tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well various artificial tourist rides in town that has the air cool and refreshing.

And for those of you who are bored with just the last road selfie, now there is another alternative for a trip to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature in the suburb of Stone, which is a travel using dirt bike with a track that is not too extreme.

Trail Adventure in Batu has two different paths is the path south and the north path. Southbound lanes starting from the village Tlekung, to the cave of China and continued up to the waterfall Coban daughter who still lies in the village Tlekung. Adventure passed through west ring Oro Oro Ombo village, climb towards the village Seruk, and continued up to the waterfall Coban Rondo. The scenery along the Adventure Trail is very nice and is dominated by pine forests. If you want to try a more challenging path, from Coban Rondo you can continue towards a waterfall Coban Manten, and ends at Mount Dorowati, sub Pujon. The view from the top of the mountain is so amazing.

Adventure Trail north path starting from the village Sumberejo, rose steadily north toward Mount Lots. Once it goes down again through the village Brau up to the waterfall Coban Talun. Coban Talun you can unwind while enjoying the beauty of waterfalls located in the village Junggo, sub Bumiaji. From Coban Talun, proceed through the village Brantas Punten source.

If you do not feel tired, you can continue the journey towards Mount Lucky and fell in Giripurno, Pandanrejo village. Adventure Trail ends at the village Temas. The scenery along the trail path is very beautiful adventure with the air still very fresh because it passes through verdant rice fields, small rivers and unspoiled forest fringes.

If you are interested to travel using the bike trail in the town of Batu, I suggest that you use the services of an experienced guide and knows well the terrain to be traversed. It's for your own comfort and safety, and you will not get lost. It would be better if you do this trip in the group to share the excitement of natural traveled using the bike trail.

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