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Rinjani Mountain National Park

Increasingly rising sun, its rays hotter, reaching a trip East Lombok also increasingly accelerated. The more to the east, I was riding the vehicle speed starts to slow down, because the more precipitous rise and fall traversed. Barren hills with dry trees that grow lonely, seemed motionless on the roadside. As if to let me keep going reached the foot of Mount Rinjani.

After a 2 hour drive from Mataram, Lombok, I arrived at Pusuk Sembalun, main door to climb the Great High Rinjani. Views of barren land disappeared from view, replaced by a view of the hills and forests, waterfalls, and expanse of fertile farmland in the foothills.

Mountain ranges still active volcano, beautifully presented under the blue sky and white clouds clustered.
Sembalun is one of the districts in East Lombok which is located in Mount Rinjani National Park. As well as areas close to mountains, to beautiful panoramic views and good soil. No wonder if Sembalun is the largest spice producing areas in West Nusa Tenggara and supplier of fruit for the entire Lombok.

Deep in the valley, it looks so beautiful village is flanked by hills and mountains. At the feet of the hill stood the houses, homestay accommodation, plantation, as well as traditional village neatly with Rinjani climbing back into the background. Watched from a height, make me like drifting with the wind, landing on the village.

Sembalun tube is another village at the foot of Mount Rinjani. The village is well known both at home and abroad since the beginning climber climbing Mount Rinjani. All the way from Pusuk Sembalun up to Sembalun tube, my eyes are spoiled by the vast expanse of rice fields, as well as natural forests on either side of the road. The fields lined up neatly on the hillsides, hordes of white clouds as if to envelop Sembalun full tranquility.

Volcanic soil in this village is very fertile. Flowing river irrigates fields and rice paddies are grown vegetables and fruits, such as potato, leek, broccoli, garlic, broccoli, apples, peppers, tomatoes, peas, and various flowers. No wonder if Sembalun tube into a major source of vegetables for the region East Lombok.

Traveled to plantations not just to look, but also can participate farming. In fact, when the harvest we could join the picking various crops with farmers. Normally, the harvest took place in July-September.
I do not get enough of staring faces of miners who seek a job in the fields hidden behind Sembalun ground. Meanwhile, their cows climb and return to their cages without a shepherd. That said, the beef Sembalun taste sweeter because left free to forage grass on the mountain.

Sembalun has a lot of history about the Sasak. Maybe all this people (including me) are more familiar custom homes Sasak tribe in the village of Sade, Central Lombok, because they are more exposed. In fact, custom homes Sasak tribe can also be seen in the village of Sembalun tube, East Lombok.
Regions in Sembalun tube contained traditional house and Tomb Berugaq Reban Bande.
This area is used by local people to hold ceremonies Sasak, namely Ngayu-ayu.

Ngayu-ayu ceremony is usually held every three years in the dry season with the intention to invoke the gift of rain so that people can quickly grow crops and agricultural activities. The ceremony is usually concentrated in the public square Sembalun village Bumbung and characterized by throwing a diamond (Topat war).

If in the village of Sade Central Lombok traditional house is still inhabited and used for various activities of the population, Sasak traditional house in the village of Sembalun tube is used only for the sake of tourism. However, together with the form of his home in the village of Sade.

Nothing caught my attention in this custom home region, which is building a small house that is not walled and named berugaq. By the Sasak, berugaq always placed in front of the main house. Its function as a replacement for the front porch of the house, the reception area, where held a feast or roah, as well as a place to learn religion, customs, government, education and moral or character.

Of the 13 waterfalls which hang in the water in Lake Segara Anak Gunung Rinjani, two of which are so close to the water source, namely Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep. Two waterfalls are located in the tourist area of Senaru village.

To reach the waterfall Spring Madness, there are hundreds of steps that must be decreased ditapaki, steep and winding. Forest cover became the scene at the beginning of the trip. About 200 meters further down, lowland tropical forests began to dominate the road to Spring Gila.
It took about 15 minutes on foot to arrive at the waterfall that slid from a height of 35 meters through three levels of hard rock before touching the base. In essentially shallow, rocks lying. There was no large pool at the bottom so it does not allow to soak, let alone swim. Enough for me just sit around enjoying the scenery, while feeling fresh drops of water that splashed on the body.

Spring behind the naming of the Gila, there are several versions of the story circulating. One of these legends of the locals who inadvertently discovered this waterfall when the marauding lions hunt in a village and then ran into the woods. Crazy spring believed to have a magical element that can make a person stay young when bathing under the waterfall.
Unlike the way to achieving Spring Gila where I was treated the way down, way to Tiu Kelep immediately treated incline. Ditapaki path is no longer the cement, but the land leveled. Forest traversed is also denser and dense.

Travelling to Tiu Kelep requires effort harder. There is a 20-meter bridge that must be crossed. Uniquely, this bridge only has a handle on one side. With the condition of the bridge as it is, of course necessary caution when passing, especially for those who fear heights.
There is also a water corridor 200 meters long with a height of approximately 2 meters and a width of only 1 meter. The hall built Sasak traditional elders is an alternative to reach the waterfall Tiu Kelep. The hallway Tiu drain water from irrigation canals irrigate Kelep towards hundreds of hectares of rice fields SENARU citizens. This hallway is quite sinister because the light only comes from the former waste ground hole distance 10 -15 meters, but the water flowing under the foot will provide a different sensation.

In addition to crossing the bridge, I was also along the banks of the river flowing clear water can be drunk directly. Around streams are natural tropical forests. Occasionally looked ape swinging from a tree branch. I also pass through the sluice and a fallen tree blocking the road.
Walk up the fast-flowing river bottom strong, cold water, lots of sharp gravel, and rocks are slippery, be other challenges that must be overcome. Weary and exhausted all together. But, it deserves what he fought for the waterfall Tiu Kelep was bigger and very beautiful.

Tiu Kelap water falls like flying, fall to the bottom to form a pool with a depth of approximately 1 meter that can be used to soak and swim. Water falling over rumble, the surrounding air cooler, more powerful water currents, and the water cooler.

Another specialty is in the reflection of water that makes up drizzle. It is caused by a plateau-shaped basin, so that the falling water trapped air and bounced back into shape like rain. Air bouncing refract sunlight to form a colorful rainbow. A sensation bias color of the rainbow is at the moment very beautiful.

Watched the water that infiltrates between the roots of big trees and vines in the ground promised the peaceful presence of a cool feeling. Cradles the time stops. This place makes me so reluctant to go home.

• Sembalun tourist village at an altitude of 1,156 meters above sea level and is the area closest to Mount Rinjani. The distance is about 110 km from the city of Mataram. Can be achieved by using a four-wheeled vehicle and two wheels.

• If using rental vehicles, can take the route Mataram - Mantang - Kopang - Terara - Masbagek - Aikmel - Sembalun. The access road to this place is also good enough. Noteworthy is the condition of the road with a steep rise and fall with sharp bends. Car rental price Rp350,000 / day and 50,000 / day for the motor.

• Can also use public transport as much as 3 times from Lombok International Airport. The first ride Damri towards Pool Damri Mandalika with Rp20.000 ticket for approximately 40 minutes. Of Pool Damri Mandalika ride shuttles to Aikmel East Lombok about 1.5 hours at a cost of Rp20,000. Get off at the Market Aikmel. Further rises ordinary flatbed freight transport vegetables and fruit from Sembalun. Transport operates from dawn to 5 pm. By submitting 15,000 we've been allowed to ride. Travel time from the Market Aikmel towards Sembalun about 1 hour.

• Around the house indigenous Sembalun and around the tourist area of Senaru, quite a lot of inns and restaurants that can be visited.

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