Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pedongkelan Park be a Dream Park

Regional banks of Pedongkelan, West Jakarta to be damaged by the construction of the park former landfill near the park, trash that was in some complexes in collect together in the park so be damaged and smelled, if such who would want to visit and enjoy to the park , One of the draw the attention of the garden Pedongkelan, have long been garden Pedongkelan built a lot of people are still not aware of the interest of the park and plants as living beings, which would provide coolness for the community itself, and jg do not care for cleanliness and order in the park Pedongkelan.

Example still a lot of rubbish small scattered in several areas of the park, like in the gutter, seat and located in the middle of the grass, of course, most of the people are concerned with the beauty of the park  and expect the government to be held janitors , as well as a warning to the indiscriminate dumping of garbage and also give witness to the offender. March 2015, the government finally intervened by deploying janitors park. and the government also announce to the chairman Rt locals for three months in order to give the program (let's keep our park) to the community by to join his participation several communities in carrying out voluntary work every day of the week to come help clean the park, because of course if we want a garden beautiful and cool we also have to maintain and preserve the park, because we only was as living things that can keep our own environments.

After three months with programs that provide government Taman Pedongkelan the former is parks slum, shunned people and often the landfill of some complex local, now turned into a beautiful garden, neat, clean and resented by many people , Many are also various facilities such as CCTV or sports equipment are made of materials throughout the mainly pipe scrap metal are interconnected and made to resemble fitness equipment and then repainted so it looks good and worthy for the visitors, there are also many places to play children for example slides, swings and much more, every morning the villagers around so many have often come to the park just to relax breathe fresh air, and just accompany their children to play, as together we know the park has several functions one of which , the park also serves as a place of recreation contains educative.

With the park around the neighborhood add attractions nuanced simple but can build high socialization gathering place for the community, the park also has a health function, a garden full of trees into ecological tourism that makes the air to be clean and makes our lungs become cleaner. We must realize that the importance of the park is not just a place for recreation but as a park absorbent pollution ​​air polluted by various air pollution. All and thank you from me

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