Thursday, 24 December 2015

Parangtritis Beach Bantul

Parangtritis, some people did call it sand. The beach is located at Parangtritis Subdistrict, Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta is a tourist attraction managed by Bantul regency. Then the facility should not be asked to issue, Bantul with its motto Projo Castle is one district that has been growing rapidly.

Parangtritis is a beach which is very popular among the beaches the other, this beach has a uniqueness that is not owned by the other beaches on its common, mountains of sand that is often referred to as sand dunes and beach parangtritis is a great base from which to enjoy the sunset, many also immortalize this moment to look at the entire southern coast and sea parangtritis.

We can go up to Cliffs Gembirawati parangtritis beach area behind this. When he heard the name of the beach parangtritis certainly familiar with the legend of the Queen of South. Most Javanese believe that this beach is its gate magical kingdom Ratu Kidul, a lot of myths that are present in society. For example when we visited parangtritis beach and other beaches we are prohibited from using green clothes.

Because if wearing his green myth we will be drawn into the base back to the beach and lifeless state. Myths like that are sometimes disturbing beachgoers. Not only beach parangtritis alone, of which I observed some time ago every visitor who comes to the beach area, as an example of Gunung beach they were afraid to come closer to the beach because the atmosphere using green clothes.

They prefer to see from a distance, enjoying the atmosphere of the beach is the whisper of the waves closer mendengerkan her. Then it is very unfortunate when I see a lot of visitors who looked disappointed because not forget that at that moment he was wearing the green color elements.

On its basis the events as in previous Gunung Beach was like drowning victims do not all use green clothes, there are some beaches that do not allow her visitors to swim too far in the coastal area because the waves are quite large, but visitors to heed the warning. Her result they sank and could not be saved. But it can not be denied the myths are indeed long ago already there, believe it or not that was our choice.

If you look at the atmosphere of the beach is now sometimes there is a bit of a disappointment, the times that simplify every person visiting coastal areas, increasingly clear that the beach becomes one of the main objectives for a moment forget the burden of the problems being faced, but it is unfortunate, when not all visitors can maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the beach. Her example with littering, even not only in public places people are not responsible for such litter, in places like this even those with and without guilt throw garbage in the area Parangtritis.

It is unfortunate indeed, beach parangtritis which is phenomenal and gives the feel of beauty for the backpacker actually looks like nobody care about cleanliness and beauty of her, supposedly from each visitor can participate and help and maintain, because it is not just for sightseeing but also as well as maintain the cleanliness and beauty of this beach, not many know that in times such as Friday night and Tuesday kliwon kliwon the locals that the majority of fishermen perform rituals, rituals and offerings pelarungan tinged with colorful flowers into the sea.

Given the event we should still appreciate the culture without having to think and assume negative because basically it exists at religious and cultural linkages. And I hope, for local travelers, while maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of this beach. Because of key developing country is one of them is to be disciplined begins with each of us.

His nature is a gift that must be maintained, this may seem simple, but without we know a lot of foreign tourists who assess individuals in Indonesia's lack of attention to the natural wealth owned. Something that looks simple if no follow-up to immediately fix it will make a big issue. Let us both maintain what has been dititipan by him.

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