Thursday, 24 December 2015

Java Island Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

For those who like the streets, of course, a lot of desire to visit the tourist spots around the country. But do not have far to deh. On the island of Java alone, how much really interesting places worth visiting. Obviously a great deal, both already popular and not yet widely known.

And of all of the tourist attractions, there are still many who have never been I'd gone altogether. I am very fond of nature, both to the beach, mountains, waterfalls, and all the nuances of nature.

But I prefer that not too much exposed. Until now, an average of attractions that I visited was the beach. I've never been up the mountain because of the strong not rise to the top. At most, only up to the foot of the mountain, especially to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall or waterfall.

All natural attractions both beaches and mountains have their respective advantages, all of them interesting. Obviously we can be refreshing from the fatigue of our daily routine. Moreover, I love the photos of landscape, can all hunting there. Here is a list of tourist attractions that wanted to go, still in Java, hopefully there is an opportunity for me to visit him. Green Canyon Green Canyon name similar to the Grand Canyon, but this is not in America. This Green Canyon located in District Cijulang, Ciamis. Curious yes, he said it offers beautiful views and challenging. Green Canyon is Cijulang streams that penetrate a cave with an enchanting view. The cave has stalactites and stalagmites are very beautiful.

The flow of the river at Green Canyon flanked by two hill consisting of rocks and green trees. At the top looks beautiful stalactite to stalactite-ground water droplets. On the left and right side there is a small waterfall which is breathtaking. If it continues to swim until the end of the path he will find a cave with many bats in it. Wow how beautiful. Edge tiles

For some reason this area is called Edge tiles. Edge tiles actually not too far from Bogor, but travel there quite a long time and until now I've never been there. The access road to the area located on the southern coast of Sukabumi is said not too good. There are several attractions offered here as the view Cibuaya Beach Beach Beach Queen Amanda, turtle breeding in Pengumbahan Beach. There is a waterfall Cikaso which offers the beauty of waterfalls, but get ready for foot travel time going pegel reach this waterfall.

National park once a marine park located at the westernmost tip of Java Island is a habitat for rhinoceros reportedly only a few in number. This region into the world's natural site, UNESCO. Cool huh Indonesia had a place like this, unfortunately if we do not keep well. For those who enjoy trekking and blusukan in the coastal forest / mangrove, or play to the coast and islands, where it seems appropriate once visited. We can to Mount Honje, Ujung Kulon, Peucang and Panaitan Island, Ujung Kulon, Handeuleum Island and many more places with interesting sights.

Klayar beach dubbed as the Land of lot of Java. Situated on the south coast of Pacitan, East Java. In this famous beach with rocks, white sand and the waves are big. The size of the rocks on beach Klayar quite varied, from small to form the high cliffs there is any here. Create a photography enthusiasts, will certainly find many beautiful spots, especially during sunset and sunrise.

Mountain, located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has been very popular and visited by many people. I myself plan to travel to the Bromo-end holidays this year. Bromo's natural beauty attract many tourists, typical panorama offered such as craters and seas of sand and the sun rises are so incredible. Truly masterpieces of the Creator is remarkable for Indonesia

Ranu Kumbolo lake is located in the direction of the path of ascent to the summit of Mount Semeru, which is located on the border of Lumajang and Malang. Although I've never climbed a mountain, but I wanted to visit the highest lake in Java Island someday. The photos were uploaded by a wide range of tourist sites and photography as well as friends on facebook about the beauty of this lake makes me stronger desire to visit Ranu Kumbolo. Although it is not know whether I will be strong or not reach it

Tourism Regions crater or Ijen Tourism Park Reserve is located in the District of slippery, Banyuwangi and District Klobang, regency. According to the info that I read, Ijen crater is a crater located in the center of the largest caldera in Java, with a size of about 20 km. This crater has a very high acidity level that is close to zero so that the human body can dissolve quickly. Crater temperatures can reach 200 degrees Celsius. So fabulous. This area offers the charm Ijen crater appears bluish-green with fog and smoke sulfur very beautiful especially in the morning. Besides the traditional sulfur miners activity, also became a visitor attraction.

Queen Crater is a crater located on the slopes of Mount Salak, Bogor. Curious also pingin here, although trekkingnya not easy, but it seems exciting. This area can be achieved through the Mount Bunder, Mount Salak Endah Bogor, or through Cidahu of Sukabumi. In Kawah Ratu, there Cikuluwung river where the water is white because it crossed the active crater area.

I love to travel to the waterfall, the water is really refreshing eye and can treat fatigue. I am delighted to hunting in a place like this because it could slow speed technical training. One of the waterfalls that I wished to visit Sri Gethuk waterfall is located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Niagara Sri Gethuk or Slempret has a height of 80 meters, is located right on the banks of Oyo. The waterfall is branched in two slits cliffs and emerge from the sidelines arid karst cliffs. There are three springs that gushed around the waterfall Sri Gethuk, which springs Dung Poh, Ngandong and Ngumbul.

Many say Curug Malela is a miniature Niagara Falls. Located in the village of Cicadas, District cavity, West Bandung regency. Curug Malela waterfall is the top of a series of seven waterfalls along 1 km. The sequence is Curug Malela, Katumiri waterfall, waterfall Manglid, Ngebul waterfall, waterfall Sumpel, Curug Curug Palisir and closed with Pameungpeuk.

Although the extraordinary panorama, this waterfall seems not many people know, probably because access is very difficult to get there. That's the top ten tourist destinations are still so incaranku in Java, and of course also demand a lot of other travelers. Actually there are many other places, hopefully accomplished there. Yuk friends, let's explore the archipelago and enjoy the beauty of the country Indonesia.

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