Thursday, December 24, 2015

Frequent Traveler still can Have Attractive Garden

The house may be simple but the name of the page (if any) must always look attractive so eye-catching. However the house that first page into the limelight when a person wants to come into our homes. It should be recognized that not all homeowners understand how to beautify the home page.

In fact, most people leave home page remains blank. But today people are getting creative, including in the use of his yard. Page narrow house does not matter, just so you know how to design it. One common way is to cultivate this page. Plants can be grown in pots or planted directly in the ground up to the tastes of the owner of the house.

Ornamental plants filler home page are manifold, one of which is a unique Sunflowers (sun flower). Because of its uniqueness it so that the scientific name Helianthus annuus plant was favored by many people, particularly women and girls. Sunflowers can be further developed in a large pot or planted directly in the ground the home page. One of the unique plant and flower stalk that is always facing the direction of the sun (morning and afternoon), when the night stalk down. Some say because of the shape and color of flowers are bright yellow like the sun which is called Sunflower.

Sunflower cursory look trivial, but when examined in depth, the benefits contained in the plant a lot. Kuaci usual snacks we eat is now made of sunflower seeds. Watermelon seeds used to be made from the seeds of fruit pumpkin or watermelon. Perhaps because the taste and nutrition are not as good as Sunflower seeds then later switch glanced potential producers of seeds Sunflower seed it. Search results on the Internet mention so many benefits provided Sunflower. Free radicals, heart attacks and cancer can be treated with plant Sunflowers. Sunflower seeds can be processed into cooking oil as raw material in seed lots of fat and protein contained substances. In addition Sunflower seeds can be used as soap, margarine and cosmetics.

Not only the seeds that are useful for human health, plant roots Sunflowers are often exploited by people for traditional medicine in renal disease and vaginal discharge for women. While the leaves for the treatment of malaria and inflammation. Sunflower seeds are also fed to the birds chirping and hamsters. Sunflower farming on a small scale, in pots or directly in the ground does not require special cultivation techniques. If you want to get a perfect flowering plant with filled seeds (containing) then into media or soil may be added manure or compost. Can also be given the function of chemical fertilizers increases the acceleration of flowering and seed quality in this case the recommended use of phosphate fertilizers (Triple Super Phosphate / TSP) or ammonium fertilizer (ammonium Zwavelzure / ZA) with a sufficient dose.

Sunflowers began to emerge (buds) when the plants are 2 months old. Several months later the flowers start to grow old, it is indicated by the appearance of the surface of the black-colored flowers and large size. On the surface the old flowers that filled with seeds. Usually in the trunk, there are about 10 flowers. From that seed Sunflower plants can be raised. Sunflower seeds can be planted directly into pots or polybags dibibitkan-first into small polybags. One polybags filled some sunflower seeds. After a month or 1.5 months of age where height has reached 15 centimeters plants can be transferred to pots or planted in the yard. The process of transplanting enough to just cut (rip) polybags it, not to destroy the planting medium is attached to the root, aim to avoid stagnation (atrophied while) after transplanting.

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