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England West Pier and East Pier

Green scenery was not the only charm of the Emerald State, that's the nickname for the Irish. Located in most areas of the island of Ireland, making it laden with all manner of sea views.Republic of Ireland is not located on the mainland of the European continent, but on the island of Ireland, in the western parts of the mainland of the 'White Continent'. 

The Republic of Ireland are not taken over the island as a whole. North of the island of Ireland including the territory of the United Kingdom.

So, Northern Ireland was not included as part of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin, the capital, located on the east coast of the island. When the opportunity to walk into the territory of Ireland, I, Jihan Davincka, do not miss the beaches.This small town is located about 12 km from the heart of Dublin city. So close. From the City Center, Dublin, can be reached by bus in the city alone. If the own car, only takes about 15 minutes.Dun Leary is one of the town pier on the east coast of Ireland. 

Two piers were often used as a city landmark is the West Pier and the East Pier. Ports in the dock is still in active use today.When there, I popped into the West Pier in advance. I, along with her husband and children, come to Dun Leary on a weekend in the summer, around August. Apparently, during the summer there is a kind of playground that features a children's playground are open every Saturday and Sunday.The place feels a bit claustrophobic so many visitors that day. 

Arena games provided diverse, ranging from bouncy castle, various kinds of carousels, cars, trains, and houses a ghost. In one corner there is a vehicle location Bianglala upright. Children are of course directly'm excited to play there. We also share the task, a husband who accompanied the children to play, while I walk, look around the West Pier.Pier stretches split the sea. I try to walk leisurely down the pier about 15 minutes while stopping to take pictures. According to what I read, at the end of the pier there are small monument docked to the beach, about 2-3 km in length.

About a dozen boats and small ships dock leaning on his shoulder. Not a few people passing on the rock that forms the base concrete piers. Apparently, they do not just shipowners. The place is also used for people to walk around while enjoying the high seas.Locals costume looked sport jog or jog along the banks of the pier. Some people seemed to lead her dog to come enjoy the warmth of the sun splash. 

Understandably, the sun is not too frequently approached the area of ​​Ireland.Distance East Pier of the West Pier is close enough, located on the same side of the road. Unlike the bustling area of ​​West Pier, East Pier is not visited by many people. Pier rather unique. There is a kind of a small lake in the form of a box that seemed to separate from the sea. This place was used as a parking lot for boats.It was already getting late. 

The wind blowing harder. Perhaps because the atmosphere is not bustle like in the West Pier, we were just goes around for a while in the East Pier.Not far from the second place, the coast bordering the highway is equally beautiful. Footpath built wide enough. The brown color in stark contrast with the blue sea on one side of the beach. The other side of the street decorated with the green color of the grass is allowed to grow cleanly and the buildings house a predominantly white population. 

Clouds in the blue sky add to the perfection of nature painting when we walk down the beach that afternoon Dun LearyPrior to Dun Leary, we were told a friend about a small town adjacent to Dun Leary. His name is Dalkey. That said, this Dalkey including the elite area of ​​Dublin and the surrounding region. Settled here many celebrities, such as Bono, lead singer of U2.I decided to Dalkey not to expect to meet the artist, heck, but curious as to what about the city. I went straight to the main roads in the area Dalkey, Castle Street. 

His name may be adapted to the presence of an old castle that size is not too large at one end of the road. It does not seem too special so I decided to see the castle from the outside only.Only five minutes circling in Dalkey, feels exactly how clean the city is. Road-road a small, only fit 2 cars. The buildings are painted neat and clean, unlike most buildings in other towns in Ireland of old, left dull and many have chipped paint.

Castle Street is also lined up several cafes that provide outdoor seating. Of course my family and had stopped into one that looks the most crowded cafe. To one of the waiters, I idly asked, "Are there any celebrities hanging around in this street?"Whether joking or not, the maid replied half laughing and winking, "Yes, if you're lucky, you can meet Bono here." Well, you know that we've heard rumors about Bono that he often lounging in one cafes on this street.This cafe provides a broad range of small snacks in the form of a variety of muffins and breads along with a cup of coffee and hot tea. We ordered some muffins only accompanied by a few cups of hot tea. Each piece muffin or bread can be bought at a price of 2-3 euro. As for a cup of tea, it costs 1-3 euros.The town is not far from Dublin. It took about half an hour to reach Bray within approximately 28 km of the territory City Center, Dublin. 

The main charm of Bray is activity along the coast of a small harbor near a place called Martello Terrace, until it reaches the area of ​​Bray Head. Martello Terrace is childhood residence of James Joyce, the famous poet and novelist from Ireland. Bray Head itself is a high hill of approximately 241 meters that separate the city and neighboring Bray, Greystones.The streets along the coast between the two regions was termed 'The Promenade'. From the direction Martello Terrace, we can already see the green hills on the other end. Blends perfectly with the green hills, the left side is where we go off the bright blue sea.

Uniquely, the seaside unadorned yet filled with sand gravel large. Between the footpath and the rocky area leading directly to the open sea made a guardrail.The right of the trail is the green grass which also provide places to sit and a playground for children. After the grass, there is a highway. Across the street is lined hotels and lodgings B & B for tourists who want to enjoy the charm of the beach longer.It took an hour to reach Bray Head, reached by a leisurely walk while looking at the beach. 

Occasionally crossing guardrail let children play fun while throwing stones at sea, or shifted to a playground in the area of ​​grass which is the right of the footpath.Not far away, there is a cafe or a canteen that is large enough and consists of two floors. Provide the main dish-dish such as sandwiches, fries, spaghetti and chicken nuggets, fish, or beef.Public bathroom is not behind. Although somewhat doubt noticed the toilet building already looks old, but, once inside it turns fragrant and clean. 

I just stopped by the toilet, but did not go to the cafeteria, because, I was ready with some food.Continued activities by 'Cliff Walk', walk down a hilly area that connects the city of Bray and Greystones. The road is not so uphill. From there, I could see the vast coastal areas. Along the streets in the hills provided a few chairs and tables to stop and sit to enjoy the beach and its surroundings from the top of the hill.The weather in Ireland is famous very 'moody'. Hot sun and rain can turn in a matter of minutes. 

Rain did not look at the season. Although the summer, rain can be flushed in most areas indiscriminately. It's good to always provide a raincoat.The wind is often blowing pretty hard so that the use of the umbrella is not recommended. Better wear a coat or raincoat hat.In Dublin, do not need to stay in large hotels. Lots of small lodgings quite livable. The term, 'Bed & Breakfast' (B & B) that can also be booked from long ago through websites

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