Thursday, December 24, 2015

Come Back Home to Bandung

On 18-21 December, I went to Bandung to visit some friends who live there. I departed from Gambir station at 10:35 with Argo Parahyangan up with the ultimate aim Bandung station. Inside the train cars I see a group of young people who chatted with the cheerful, appear once they headed duo for the holiday together, while I was left alone without any accompanying a friend. 

Finally, I spent time reading novels online through my mini smartphone, because no one with whom I can talk on the train. Previously I've often ride the train if you want to return to my hometown in Cirebon. 

And usually I testify from behind a train window is a view of verdant rice fields, or yellow, depending on whether at the time of planting or harvest season. But the landscape is much different really welcomed me when I was riding the train began to enter the area of ​​Bandung. Not expanse of rice fields, but the mountains, verdant slopes and hills are beautiful and eye-catching.

I like entering a fairytale world when he realized that the train line passes through the slopes and mountains, even from behind the train window I could see the muzzle of the head of the train when the train passes through a circular path, I have never before witnessed the head of the train when I was in it. Maybe this is a small thing, but for me it was very enjoyable. I remember the various films in which there is a scene featuring a train passes through the mountains. So beautiful.

After each day treated to a view of traffic congestion in Jakarta, buildings towering, and the dark sky Jakarta pollution. Surely a row of terraced, green hills and mountains, and forests through which the train into new things refreshes the eye. Unceasingly I shoot to capture the beauty of it. Although of course, a small camera on the smartphone would not be able to capture the beauty of God's creation through nature painting Bandung.It was a new experience for me, because the last time to Bandung train ride is night, so I could not capture the beautiful scenery presented along the way. I arrived in Singapore picked up by my sister from the village set out what I call Tea Lia who was accompanied by Kang Inin Nastain, Kadesh set out a new one. From the station I was led to lunch in a restaurant Ampera. Hearing the name Ampera, 

I remembered the desert diner called Ampera are widely spread in Jakarta. But apparently, not the cooking field presented there, but typical Sundanese cuisine.The next day, I was invited to tea Lia family to taste the food in the restaurant Alas Daun, where the rice was not served with the dishes but banana leaves. Which is unthinkable in my mind that time is how many bananas they have to be taken leaves every day, not to mention seeing the queues of visitors who continued to arrive clearly reveal that the restaurant was always crowded, maybe they have a banana plantation alone or take a supply of banana growers in around Bandung. hehe. 

After eating at the restaurant Alas Daun I invited the streets surrounding Bandung, though not had time to stop for photos. I am quite pleased to see Gedung Sate through the car window, and the famous street in Bandung like Braga and Jalan Dago. Bandung unstable weather, heat briefly briefly rains also add exciting adventure of my day. The next day, Tea Lia led me to Permata Cimahi housing to meet with Mother Rani. With Mother Rani invited me back the streets, this time with a local train ride Bandung, similar to the Commuter Line in Jakarta which serves local service throughout Bandung. 

I and Rani Mother and four children junior who accompanied us off at the station towards Dago Bandung, then stop to visit Universita Padjadjaran. Sana I sampled the fried chicken sauce that tastes gelo steady once. Not to mention the fried chicken served with fried cauliflower, cabbage usually made with fresh vegetables served raw, it actually fried. Unique all. Truly unforgettable weekend in Bandung. And I did not hesitate to repeat it at other times. :)

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