Thursday, December 24, 2015

Climbing Merapi Mountain with Friends

Precisely dated June 28, 2015 I and my friends make the climb to Mount Merapi track Selo, Boyolali. in fact we are in the plan is to climb to Mount Sindoro in Waterford, Central Java. Because Sindoro there is a fire, we also plan undo.

After a few hours of Randublatung (Blora), we rest for a while in Sukoharjo (workplace brother). Around 15:00 pm, we headed Selo, Boyolali. Until Cepogo, precisely in front of the Market Cepogo we stopped to buy logistics in the minimarket.

Mahameru right at basecamp at 17:00 pm. Then short break while waiting for the registrar to come. At Mount Merapi we just pay Rp15.000,00 / person. Immediately, we started to climb and do not forget we berdoa.Berjalan step by step ended up in New Selo.

We currently prefer to climb at night. Why? Therefore, the evening trip to the summit will not make lazy. The trip is also more focused because not only pay attention to the views of the surrounding mountains.

After traveling nearly 5 hours, finally arrived at the Market Bubrah. Here, we set up a tent. Since the wind is too strong, tough tent attached. Moreover, we also have to fight fatigue and sleepiness. Coldness really bone-chilling, brrrr. At 23:15 pm the tent attached behind a large rock. Time to sleep.

At 05.00 am we woke up, pray Fajr. While preparation for the summit, we eat a light meal beforehand as a booster stomach. Do not forget we bring mineral water purchased from minimarket in Cepogo. Outside the tent has many climbers who want to the summit.

Have not yet reached the peak, still in the sea of ​​sand we've presented a timid sun weeks to manifest themselves. We should not miss this moment. Take mobile phones, immortalized. Beautiful is not it? Anything else is like this!

The struggle of the Market Bubrah to highlight is the challenge of Mount Merapi. The sea of ​​sand welcomed us, to the extent that the shoes are full of sand. Anyway very exciting climbed Mount Merapi, many challenges. When we step, we must be ready degenerate feet. In high spirits, we finally reach the summit. On the peak of Mount Merapi was already a lot of climbers. There are also foreigners who just want to get down with the group.

At the summit, we must be careful when taking pictures. Not to slip up into the ravine. Because, at the peak of the place is not so wide. So, we must be willing to take turns with other climbers.

Without lingering at the top, at 07.00 pm we go down. When I get off that we could enjoy the 'slide' small time game. 07.30 pm arrived at the tent. Outside the tent we cook and make drinks as body warmers. Finish cleaning up the tent, we finally get down and get back to Randublatung, Blora.

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