Thursday, 24 December 2015

Brief Travel to Purwakarta

Holidays responsibility as dated December 9, 2015 and, due to simultaneous elections, I used to brief traveled to Purwakarta precisely to the site of the reservoir Cirata. I call the day off responsibility, because it is precisely in the middle of the week and the next day had to report to work as usual.

For Jakarta residents who do not have the elections simultaneously, the phenomenon of the holiday as it will be more clear with the crowds at the malls increased. The roof-Gadog track, I watched through radio, as usual also subject to open and close, evidence that the holidays responsibility as it also helped to enliven the vehicle traffic in the direction of the line as well as Saturday and Sunday.

Not one of my choice also with the family for a short traveled to the region Purwakarta that day. In contrast to a few days earlier when heading Cirebon on Saturday and experiencing heavy traffic in Cikampek, then on holidays responsibility as it is precisely Cikampek toll so deserted. It did not take long to reach Cipularang and exit at the toll booth Jatiluhur. Travelling by car is also so casually. Was recorded at 08:39 pm when the vehicle entered Jati Asih JORR Cikampek direction and around 10:45 pm, we arrived at the reservoir Cirata.

Not felt, already 19 years passed when first had served briefly in Purwakarta. Precisely because of the work and the assignment given that I came to know the location of versatile Jatiluhur reservoir. But reservoirs Cirata, I had never visited. So interested in visiting this reservoir after reading Kompasianer also ( Plus memory satay taste typical maranggi Purwakarta it. Turns on December 5, 2015 in Purwakarta held Festival Steak Maranggi. This creativity is good too. From satay to steak. The event was supported by the Purwakarta district government. Dear at the same time, we traveled to Cirebon. Another memory of Purwakarta is a restaurant that I visit often used. If not mistaken, his name Eating Savoury.

Only from just reading my article, I came to know of this restaurant seems to still exist. After the exit Jatiluhur (direction Cipularang) there are also some restaurants are highly recommended by some of the culinary connoisseur, for example Sundanese restaurant Sambel Hejo Sambel sudden exactly at the junction encountered after paying the toll exit from the Jatiluhur Cipularang. From the T-junction, turn left towards the town of Purwakarta, also not so far be found restaurants Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo.

From the direction of the toll booth exit Jatiluhur it up to meet the junction, if you want to Jatiluhur reservoir staying turn left (same as the direction to the town of Purwakarta), if you want to reservoir Cirata stay turn right towards Plered, next only to capitalize google maps and directions direction along the path are sufficient, we can easily arrive at the reservoir Cirata. Green valleys, some streams waterfalls, scenic rivers and rice fields around the reservoir is good.

The path we passed through the toll to exit the expressway and headed towards Plered and further to the location of the reservoir has relatively good roads. Road around the reservoir, partly to Bandung and Cianjur portion toward which we had been through too great streets.

For the location of reservoirs, for those who live around Bogor, can also through alternative paths Jonggol -Cariu (one review calls this path the way much damaged, and no further updates on the damaged road lane, whether it has been repaired). Imagine the extent of the reservoir is the puddle Cirata entrance area West Bandung, Purwakarta and Cianjur.

To travel with a shorter travel time, toll lanes to Purwakarta indeed more favorable (with a note, not stagnating Cikampek toll road). Of several articles tour, if you really want to enjoy the culinary around Cirata which is also close to the location of the rental boat, visitors are advised to location called Exiles (if the direction Plered once it gets to about the dam then take the direction to Bandung, do toward Cianjur ). For other culinary locations around the dam there is also a location called Warung Tripa.

Due to the location of Tripa's culinary point that first we have encountered before Exiles, then we make time to stop by the culinary locations. It turns out a lot of choices of restaurants Lesbian in the culinary locations. Some restaurants are very prominent keramaiannya that afternoon. We tried to one restaurant lesehan crowded, it seemed the visitors just a stopover after attending the regent of Purwakarta (hearing information from the owner). There we only ordered satay maranggi to take home. Next we drove back towards the T-junction near the toll booth Jatiluhur, not how far advanced towards the town of Purwakarta and relax enjoying lunch in a restaurant Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo.

Holiday stuffed bear brief but satisfying tour. Especially for matters culinary tastes, we agree, other times should drop back to Purwakarta. At 16:20 pm, we had arrived back home to enjoy the rest of the day off election simultaneously, and do not forget to enjoy a delicious satay maranggi it.

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