Thursday, 24 December 2015

Berlin Germany Study Trip

Currently, the availability of facilities and infrastructure of education in Indonesia is very adequate, whether it is provided by the Government and held by the private sector. Ranging from early childhood / kindergarten to College / University with quality standards ranging from international standard to quality 'roughing'.

So is the level of awareness of parents of the importance of education has been increasingly seen by many old JV vying to register their babies to school early childhood education (early childhood education). The main purpose of the provision of educational facilities are adequate, decent and affordable by the people is to provide a decent education for a better future and improve Human Resources Indonesia so can compete with other countries.

But in fact, the availability of good educational facilities and adequate guarantees not to reduce public interest intends studying abroad. I myself was one of the many people who aspire to study abroad. The main reason and it must be recognized that the current education system in developed countries are more advanced than in Indonesia.

I feel fortunate to finally be able to realize the dream of education Master of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany. Here is not only the new science education that I received, but I also learned about the teaching and learning system which is a new thing for me.

Through this article, I want to share information or views on teaching and learning system here which 'might' be one factor Indonesian people choose to study abroad. Facilities and infrastructure that support For students taking courses in the field of geodesy and geoinformasi, surely I often deal with measuring tools as well as data processing software.

On campus there are a variety of measuring instruments from very ancient to the sophisticated, such as the Laser Scanner etc. And to process measurement data, necessary software where the user must purchase the license of the software to be able to use the full version or the full version. Here the students get a special student license, the license where the students can use the software full version for free. However, this facility is only valid during a student on campus. Facilities 'plus plus' for students One of the factors I choose studying in Germany is a tuition-free alias free tuitions fee! Yes, free tuitions fees.

As if freed from a burden to live abroad. However, there are also some courses in Germany which still require students to pay tuitions fees. Although free tuition, students still have to pay half of the fee that consists of administrative costs and Semesterticket. In addition, many special deals for students is very beneficial for students. Not least that gives waivers so students only have to pay a price much cheaper than the normal price. In fact there are services traveling to visit cities in Europe special student, how can I not be tempted!

But sometimes this matter that actually led to uncontrolled spending. Adequate transportation means more value for tuition here is a means of transportation that is a very important role. In Germany in general, the tickets can be used for a wide variety of public transportation such as trains, buses, trams, and even ferry. So, do not worry about having to buy another ticket if you have to replace the means of transportation.

And once again, students have easy. In the previous point, I had mentioned about Semester ticket. Semester ticket this is for student transportation ticket valid for one semester. With this Semester ticket, students do not need to buy a ticket dither when in a hurry or the vehicle has arrived. Semester ticket scope of this applies to the entire territory of the province of the campus. For example, because I studied in Berlin then my transportation only apply in the scope Berlin. For those students who study in the state (Bundesland / state) else, such as Saxony, Brandenburg, or Nordrhein Westfalen, Semester ticket can be used to visit other towns in the province, but does not include transportation in the city. Streets again!

When asked what the difference stands out when compared with while studying in Indonesia, then my answer how to teach the power of teaching on campus. Not that the teaching personnel in Indonesia is not friendly, it's just the power of teaching here more open. How to teach the teaching staff here is friendly so that students did not hesitate to answer or ask questions. Students are allowed to express their opinion even discuss the teaching force. Their (teaching staff) did not hesitate to ask the opinion of the students and if students receive correct theory or presentations. If students have trouble in understanding the lessons or have a question, the student is allowed to ask the lecturer. Although study abroad has many advantages, but there are also things that make hungover college students, the price is towering. If all the prices here converted to £, we may choose not to buy a single item.

Due to the same goods, the prices here are more expensive when compared to that in Indonesia. We recommend that if you have a desire to study abroad, prepare the fund to mature or register scholarships. I actually helped a lot to receive scholarships from the Scholarship (BU) of the Ministry of Education. If you just rely on working there and not be able to balance the lecture, it could be a lecture us into a mess.

Not to mention the culture shock caused differences in customs and lifestyle. Adapting to the surrounding culture requires considerable time, depending on our ability to accept and adjust to circumstances. Refused to accept the custom here is not the right choice, but that does not mean we have to follow around and leave indigenous identity as an Indonesian. We have to be smart to pick and choose which indigenous are good and which are not in accordance with our lifestyle.

Everything has positive and negative values, love and sorrow. The education system in Indonesia was now also have started to compete at international level. Thus the decision back to us, wish to continue their studies abroad or remain in Indonesia.

I hope to gain knowledge in countries with more advanced education system, I can adopt the positive things that are considered appropriate to be applied in Indonesia. So it is not just proud to be able to study abroad, but also can follow scientific developments in countries that have developed and apply them in Indonesia to Red and White are also increasingly able to compete in international circles.

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