Thursday, 24 December 2015

Banyuwangi of East Java

My train had just departed from the station Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta. The first of the three-carriage trains will I rode towards the city's most eastern island of Java, Banyuwangi. The city that according to legend was born of regret a king named King Banterang.

The king who accused his wife err until then killed his wife. Before dying, she said that if the water where he drowned into a fragrant, it means that he is innocent. Sure enough, the river water becomes fragrant. Scented water in the Java language is banyu fragrant. I was riding this train headed to Semarang.

A short break before continuing to Surabaya. Pasar Turi Station. The first time I set foot in the capital of East Java. New shades entered my brain. While waiting for the train to Banyuwangi, office administrators Tugu Pahlawan be my place to unwind. Until 22:00 hours arriving I fell asleep on the train to Banyuwangi. Tired. Karangasem station Banyuwangi.

The sun had not yet risen, the wind still flirtatious biting, roosters still collecting lives to crow. The station was suwung although many pickup and transport vendors when my train arrived. However, the warm welcome of this city began to be felt when Mas Rahmat Mayhesa, manager of Shelter Banyuwangi which is not far from the entrance to the station, let me go into one room to rest. Shelters are quite famous among backpackers social media has become a gateway for pedestrians heading Banyuwangi.

Familiarity, simplicity, sincerity and joy spilled out on the porch of the modest house the next day. Mas Rahmat, so usually he is known, is very welcome to walkers. Nothing hesitate, also did not look like businessmen homestay, because it's Shelter for free. He became a friend and a guide for anyone who wants to enjoy the city. We can talk, smoke, drink coffee to stay up while exchanging stories together heresy. This shelter is provided on a voluntary basis for the search walkers cheap. However, with its network, Mas Rahmat also provide a local guide, especially for foreign tourists.

Make no mistake, there is a group of French Caucasians stopped at the house as well. No need to wait for the government to promote tourism, Mas Rahmat managed to show consistency in promoting its own way. Dusk With a rental bike, I went through the corner of the town of Banyuwangi. Try culinary, Rice Tempong super cheap and spicy. And record the atmosphere of the city beautiful and quiet. My goal is Baluran National Park (Baluran). Because the most appropriate time is the early evening, then after noon I had to get there. Waiting for dusk at Little Africa in this Java.

The heat of the seafront area of ​​Banyuwangi began to die. Sun shines longer this year began skewed. I arrived at the entrance Baluran. There is still a 20 km journey again, down the damaged road, towards savanna Bekol. Baluran icon. It was the middle of October, the trees looked dry along the way. Prone to get burned. Branches brittle and dry, broken occasionally blown dry. Patience and prudence drive finally brings me to arrive at the vast expanse of terrain and cracked.

The grass was sparse and yellowed meet my eyesight frame. Looks lonely tree without leaves were located far apart. Bekol savannah in the dry season. Bringing imagination to wild forest in the Black Continent. That afternoon, looking bull of Java was bathing in a mud puddle. Monkeys play and fraudulent work on the visitors. Agile, they are running around, chasing each other. Deer shyly in the forest. And the beauty of the evening to be complete when a male peacock out of the woods. For the twilight I did on the tower view. Myaksikan Baluran broad overall. A French Caucasians looked amazed. When I asked, he has nine days in Banyuwangi. "I love the beautifulness of this city. Amazing nature, "he said.

I come to enjoy the sun slowly home. Although hindered the hill, but still presents reflections dusk. Meditations will be a beautiful natural and quiet slowly. Wild animals that live free and subject only to the food chain. And all the mysteries until when this beauty will remain intact. Dawn Dawn is a passion. Morning spirit. Like the HRD office greeting. But I was eager to greet the morning in the crater. Still at 2 in the morning, my bike has sunyinya drove through the streets. Occasionally seen residents who had not yet awake or asleep. Silence. Cold.

But in the dark of the night, I could feel the beautiful scenery along the way. Coffee plantation, clove gardens, canopy of shady trees all neat. Illuminated by millions of stars in the clear sky. When the light of day later, the beauty and the greenery will be obvious. Cold was a little lost in admiration. Too bad. Blue fire iconic Ijen was not viewable. There is a poisonous gas that emerge at night to early morning. For the safety of hundreds of visitors from home and abroad are nearly equal to each other, a new ascent in the open at 4 am. And blue fire also limits hours of 4. So it is impossible gets blue fire.

However, the spirit still not extinguished. Two hours climbing I went through. Severe dusty road is quite difficult. Seen a lot of foreigners visiting Ijen. Not only Ijen, Banyuwangi is a lot of foreign tourists. Tourism and the festival was the belle of the city is nicknamed Sunrise of Java. Ah talking spirit in climbing ijen, I have to reflect on the spirit of the famous sulfur miners there. -Man middle-aged man with the spirit up and down Mount Ijen twice a day while shouldering about 70 kg of sulfur. Extraordinary. Price perkilonya only about 1100 rupiah. But, amid heavy burden they have to shoulder, still laughing merrily on the sidelines of their break.

Greet and sometimes tempt visitors. At the top. Yellow ground mounting outspread. Terraces and sunken in the crater. Blue. The water in the crater is so quiet. Under the crater that miners hung her spirit. There also is the source of the death of the one closest to the miners. Toxic gases without news could emerge. Their lungs may also have the color yellow as sulfur. And their shoulders are strong enough to withstand a heavy load. Twilight is an afterthought. Dawn is a passion.

Equal proportion in menadalami meaning two different times, it will balance the life. Too spirit without reflections make us the wrong way. Too brood without passion just makes us so morose. Berkacalah my nature solitary Baluran and great miners in Ijen. However, how the country and its leaders? What has been the spirit and brooding. Perhaps too the spirit and less brooding twilight because the wrong path traveled a lot in the leader of this country.

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