Friday, October 9, 2015

My Childhood Pet Story

Just like the people that I know throughout my life come and go, so anything that happens with pets in my house.

My first recollection of pets happened when I was the age of kindergarten, and that's not good memories. I remember the same return from out of town family, pet rabbits are just a few days lying almost lifeless in front of the back door of the house of starvation. Some time after the discovery of life beyond help and that poor animal was breathing his last.

Had moved around the rented house in my childhood made me never had a pet again. Several times I tried to maintain small snails were sold in front of my elementary school, but his age was never more than a day. At that time I was thinking, maybe his life so durable snails should be returned to its original habitat, the sea water. So I take a basin, fill my water and salt, stirred, then I cemplungin snail I bought a new one. As a result the conch was immediately separated from the shell. It is still a mystery, why it could be like that huh?

When I was in 6th grade at last our family lived in a permanent home (not rented house), which until now still we occupy. More time playing in the side yard I found a bird that looks sick and can not fly. At that time, there happened to mention my brother's tutor image, name Mr Blake. According to Mr Blake was called birds chirrup of birds CVD. I immediately decided to take care of the poor bird was lovingly to recover and could fly into space with cheerful join his friends.

I found a wicker basket parcel former Eid, after asking permission for use at Mama Said pedestal underneath the basket that I wear rags. Then the sick birds that I wrapped with a small towel and put in the basket. The next night for fear she was afraid to be left alone in the living room I was taken to my room which is air-conditioned. The next morning when I woke up I found the birds chirrup CVD was not breathing, stiff and dry. Looks like he froze to death.

But I am taking care of the birds that actually led to disaster for him. I apologize to the poor bird was to dig the grave in the yard beside the house and spread flowers on her grave.

One day on my home page there are traces of blood splattered splotches that when followed leads to a white mongrel hiding in the corner of the garage, looking scared and in pain. Having observed it turns out his leg cut the fitting at the knees and bleed. The look in her eyes asking for help. After being fed milk that initially hesitating to drink with him, eventually the dog will be treated by Papa Said legs.

We named the female dog that poor Kati - Leg Three.

The day after Kati live in our house, appeared her friend, mongrel female tall skinny brown. Because he finally decided to settle accompany Kati finally I gave the name as well - Ceking. For more than 10 years of Kati and Ceking become a member of our family, they are very fond of eating Astor. Very happy if disuapin Astor.

Ceking had become pregnant outside of marriage (the mystery of who the father of her children was never revealed) and gave birth to four puppies, three tails in black and grew into a black dog jet large, 1 tail again (strangely) like Kati - a short, white with patches similar brown dairy cow. Because too many pets end up children Ceking given to neighbors, friends Mama Said and my aunt who want to have a dog. Though there are two children had Ceking I love the name Pit and Blacky has been very clever, can be invited to shake hands, can be made to stand on two feet, can be told to sit down. I who taught donk. But children have a bad habit like sandals gigitin guests who visited the house, if the house does ga sandals bitten, only sandals guests wrote.

One day suddenly disappeared Ceking somewhere, might find her soul mate and decided to spend the rest live with a male dog idol of his heart. Kati live in the house, until the longer the cute and clever female dog was getting older and had more frequently sat looking out benging page.

Kati died in old age, says Papa Said like he was sleeping in his own cage. I was not there when the last moment of life Kati because at that time I was in college in Bandung.

In kos's I've maintained hamster that I bought at the BIP.

At that time I had a friend of a boarding house pet owl like Harry Potter has. My room by side at the car garage where he put his owl cage, so I often heard him talking to his bird, "Lucky, now you eat jaaaang .... crickets." Ngomongnya use sound sweet ass when its men, tall, big.

Lucky it was funny, shaking his head left and right if I hear hip hop. At that time my friend proudly showing off, "Mil, Mil, ya Lucky clay can dancing," then he put hip hop .. eh real bird tables shake her head to the left then to the right ngikutin beatnya rocking.

I Iri.

Filled competitive feelings want to have a pet that can dipamerin too cool and I went to the front of the BIP - Bandung Indah Plaza. My day the young in front of the court of the BIP is similar to the zoo, all macem animals sold there, ranging from the ordinary just like rabbits until the animal is protected like monkeys, lemurs and owls. That is where I decided would maintain Hamster.

Of 2-tailed hamster suddenly so many within a few months. It looks like they continue to reproduce. I bought another small hamster cage. Then there was a tragedy in the small cages. I do not know if one hamster that I put in a small cage that had children, suddenly when I left for college cage already bleeding everywhere like exhausted massacre. Hamster babies without head splattered lifeless. A red-eyed hamster seems perpetrators of the massacre ferocious monster babies, looked at me savagely from behind the cage. I even got to see the red-eye monster nunjukin hamster fangs, oath. ... Direct hiih same afternoon I give freely to the seller brother animal in front of BIP.

Keep hamsters period ended with a mass die-hamster my hamster companion. I suspect that the tragedy occurred because of a mistake I do not wash the vegetables that I buy from the market Dago intersection. I hurriedly washing continues to direct me to feed into the hamster hamsters because it was almost late for the lecture. Later that night I went home snugly, all the hamsters I've been lying lifeless. Innalilahi.

The last year of my studies in Bandung, then Chacha also join college in Bandung so Papa Said kontrakin home for both of us in the area of Dago Pakar, I had maintained red-eared slider which I named Hanamichi Sakuragi. That loh red hair guy good at playing basketball in Japanese comic Slam Dunk. I also do not know why I love the name, suddenly I saw fit to face red-eared slider cute body size setelapak only my hand was suddenly stripped wrote the name Hanamichi Sakuragi.

There was a debate between me and my friend, Slamet (not her real name), who nganterin me into the street Karapitan to buy the Hanamichi Sakuragi. We argue that Hanamichi the girl or guy, because he seems ga accept it if I immediately love a guy name when gender is still unclear. But I'm sure it's really the same name, as if the Hanamichi itself introduce his name when I met. Although yes a bit odd red-eared slider with a Japanese name.

Hanamichi Sakuragi I put in small cages former Hamster that I still keep, ever massacre of babies hamsters hamster by red-eyed monster. There had been no toll Cipularang, so if you want to return to Jakarta from Bandung train. Every time I return to Jakarta, I always carry Hanamichi Sakuragi, my lap he was in the cage that I wear ornamental rocks on the train. Hanamichi looked very happy, maybe he is a turtle that was born as a traveler.

It was not until 3 months of age, Hanamichi Sakuragi I found lying lifeless in his cage. Some possible causes of death were as follows: too many to feed, object name, or die lonely because not stand alone in the cage can only chat with stones.

There was a period of several years without peliharan, then came the era drama perkucingan in my house.

In starting from 4 cubs cats that are abandoned by his mother in the yard of my house. Of 4 only 2 survive, I love the name Snowy (as a plain white color) and Bubu. Snowy grow into a female cat that is beautiful and elegant, stylish way and eat ala-ala princess so. Snowy is an idol robber cats that are around the house. When it comes cat breeding season on the home page is always crowded by male cats fight over the attention of the Snowy.

The most intense competition going on between the two male cats are the most powerful in Jatibening and surrounding area. A cat that was kind of cute, white warnan patterned gray, large and stocky body with a square face that add kemachoannya, I love the name Henry. One more cat robber with a black color all over the body, but more slender height of Henry, I named Temi Blekedet, his temi the item is reversed, while blekedet that's written reply to use English so black-cat-dead .... read cepet so blekedet.

Because Henry is more handsome and muscular, Snowy chose Henry and gave birth to four pups. Just like the first generation, of 4 kittens managed to live up big just two tails, one tail tomcat that I named Babu (because his motives like his uncle, Bubu, so given the name Baby Bubu) and a female cat I named Kucan ( cat tiger as a tiger-like fur color).

Meanwhile brother Snowy, the Bubu, grows into a cat that bitchy, grumpy, cynical and grumpy. Often find because each cat robber passing near the house but always lost and ultimately can only hide in the house asked for protection from the home. Nemesis is Henry. Bubu always looking for because when Henry came, but when Henry angry and Bubu felt cornered he would meow loudly calling for help from the home that will surely come to cast Henry and rescue.

Snowy was pregnant and gave birth again. By the time her children were babies and time be moved where there is a fox lurking. Her son disappeared one by one, until one day Snowy face to face with a fox who want to eat their children. Fights, snowy nose torn because of scratches fox, fortunately I and chacha leave the house because of hearing fuss. So the fox saw us he ran away. But children who stay a Snowy had already been killed by foxes cruelly sadistic.

Since then Snowy be moody, often filmed and lazy to eat. Who was the idol of the male cat cat-Jatibening se beautiful, graceful as a princess, slowly began ragged, emaciated, fur loss, and nose in fox claws can not recover as usual. One day Snowy disappeared. I and Chacha suspect Snowy so mad, wandering aimlessly in the complex while searching for her mew-mew, "where my son, my son where ..." tragic fate.

Snowy son that I love the name of Babu in the adoption and excessively pampered at Chacha. Eat not want carelessly, must Whiskas. Given fried chicken just do not want arbitrary, must KFC or Four Fingers, and do not hope would be given bones, wants meat and crunchy skin. Mayonnaise kedoyanannya snack Hoka-Hoka Bento. Sleep not want the floor, must be at the top of the mattress or dialas clean cloth.

Although tomcat but her favorite color pink, I am also not convinced that the cat can bedain color or baseball, but Babu if something pink Babu always attracted over there. Such as always choosing to lie on the mat pink whereas many doormats with other colors. When I got my pink shoes and place it on the front door of the room, Babu choose to sleep on my shoes and refuse thrown out.

I never get along together Babu. He was always looking at my problem. If I marahin he would sulk and pout turned away on a shelf among the pots until Chacha comes then he sok-sok spoiled Chacha sleep on mattresses in the rooms are air-conditioned. If I am careless he will avenge my calf bite.

One day Babu spoiled and never fight the same fat cat robber. I forgot, principally between Henry and Temi Blekedet. Neck wound up forced to go to the vet near the house, sewn and injected with antibiotics so that no infection. Babu was the last time back to the vet when Babu suddenly fell ill. Do not want to eat and limp. When taken to the doctor he said Babu got a virus that attacks the neck. He quickly thin, in his last moments like Babu already skin and bones. Then not stand up and coughing, mucus like phlegm from his mouth. That night I and Chacha had brought Babu back to the vet, but it seems his life is already not helped.

That night, a little after midnight I heard Chacha shout from the next room, "Babu you why? Kaaakkk .. Babu kaaak ... Babuuuuuuuu ...." I rushed to the next room, open the door and found Chacha again in tears with Babu in his lap. Already stiff lifeless. The next performed the funeral procession Babu, Babu afternoon Chacha decorate graves with flowers Lili were purchased at a flower shop in tebet.

Babu has one brother named Kucan, who later gave birth to children who I love pigtails and Bluwek name. Pigtail also been taken to the vet because she was pregnant at a very young age, early pregnancy due to promiscuity. As a result because it is too small she could not give birth to her child, so the child would be born snagged when. Brought to the vet was already not be helped. The only way not only surgery but pigtail can be in cesarean section because it is too small, the risk is too great. Finally the doctors given laxatives to help remove her. But apparently pigtail has been too much blood when bleeding that his life was also not helped.

Bluwek my pet cat. Funny, lively and beautiful face. I love the name bluwek since birth color faded like fabric that has been washed or mostly bleach frequency. Bluwek likes watching television, especially if there are events singing-singing and colorful. So every event in the Inbox SCTV, Bluwek will sit at the front of the TV. He also likes to play liatin my iPad with keponya want to try scratching the screen, use the nail. Bluwek also really like the incoming bags, plastic bags, buckets, just open containers.

The cats in my house are left, in addition to Babu, relocated at my Mama Chacha marriage before the event. He said that most cats at home later the illness can Chacha what is it that when his pregnant eaten the same viruses or bacteria from the cat's fur? Ironically Chacha pet cat si ga relocated, instead Bluwek which must be eliminated. Eh continue her marriage null and void anyway. Now I do not know where he is, I hope there are people who realize that humor and intelligence adopt and give him a proper shelter and a delicious meal.

Now at home I have no cats, but there are still two pet rabbits Chacha I love the name Gonjes (as mulatto so longish fur) and Cincha (full name Cincharoura use accent Caucasians). I think at home who love love love my pet name only aja deh. Said Papa do not love the name just like foxes name which I love, so Babaluba Babu, Gonjes so Gonjreng.

Meanwhile Papa Said maintain loads of chicken, chicken-chicken the wild that have children every evening I was forced to participate must collect chase-chase chicks nangkep told his cage inserted at Papa Said, in order not eaten by rats he said. Besides chicken there is a pair of chickens Arab and three chickens kate. Chicken-chicken was always pingin know at my plant, if there is one who managed to get into the cage I plant directly deh ruffled and remove all plants that were there, but strangely they do not care at plants that do not dikandangin. It seems it is only looking for trouble.

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