Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Myeongdong Night Market in Seoul

artikel1One of the busiest spot at Seoul that popular for worldwide tourists is Myeongdong area. Who does not know about Myeongdong?? Myeongdong street food is famous for the delicious street foods and lots of cosmetic stores. Myeongdong is crowded until midnight for hungry food hunters and cosmetics hunters. One of my buddies even went to Seoul for 7 days one week only to go shopping for cosmetics beauty products at Myeongdong everyday.
There are many affordable cheap rates good guesthouse located at Myeongdong such as Gyerim Guesthouse hosted by aged old couples that are very friendly with travelers. The guest house itself is located 2 minutes away walk from Myeongdong station(on Line number four) exit 3 but it’s quite hard to find the guesthouse at first since the main door is not facing the main road. Travelers need to be very detail and open eyes wide to small alley.
From the Subway exit, just walk towards the luxury Pacific Hotel and the Twosome coffee Myeongdong branch at Myeongdong Night Market ( this cool café was opened by singer Choi Siwon from Super Junior boyband on 2013).Besides awesome coffee, the café also offers many varieties of cakes.Really nice for hangout place with friends and family.
Another cheap stay at Myeongdong is Star Hostel which provides budget travelers with very cheap accommodation to stay the night while exploring the beautiful Seoul. Travelers can add the staff Kakaotalk to book the room and the staff is rarely standby at the hostel front office so if you cannot find the staff, just Kakaotalk him instantly.

Traveling to Seoul, Annyeonghaseyo

article2When travelers talk about Seoul, there are so many topics to discuss about. The first one may be Korea Visa that becomes a main challenge for many ones. In fact, it is not easy to get Korea Visa especially if international flight arrivals at Seoul Incheon Airport that requires visa check.
But because of admiration and strong dedication to see the beautiful and romantic place like Seoul, many travelers worldwide buy tickets without hesitation to think twice just like my neighbor and co-workers which in the end some of them may cry the whole night as they cannot get approval for South Korea Visa which is very disappointing. The online shopping from South Korea like Gmarket also draw attraction to visit Seoul.
Seoul sightseeing is very romantic at Jeju. If tourists only intend to visit Jeju Island, it is fine to just take a flight from countries that offer free visa’s no need to worry about airline ticket burnt to dust.  There is no doubt that Seoul is a very beautiful and attractive city with wonderful kind hearted people and their cosmetics beauty products also very popular worldwide such as Etude House, Too cool for School, Laneige, Misa, Faceshop, Holika Holika,Tony Moly,Skin Food,Nature Republic, It’s Skin, the Saem and still may more.
The advertisement for cosmetic beauty products also gain worldwide attentions for the popular celebrities campaigns from Korean actress such as Song Hye Kyo, JYJ,PSY, Jang Geun Suk, Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Ji Hyun,Lee Min Ho,TVXQ,SNSD, Kim Soo Hyun,Son Ye jin, Bae Yong Jun,Lee Dae Hae,Ha Ji Won,Rain, Jo In Sung and still many more to go. Annyeonghaseyo

Arriving at Seoul Incheon International Airport

artikel3Arriving at Seoul Incheon Airport at the first time may be confusing as the airport is very large with so many international arrivals. Seoul Incheon International Airport has been rated as one of the world’s cleanest and best international transit airport by UK ranking web Skytrax.
Seoul Incheon International Airport offers very complete facilities to spoil travelers such as spa, golf course, private rest areas, ice skating rink, pharmacy, indoor park, also a Museum of Korean Culture. South Korea Airport also ranked as the fastest airports in the world for customs processing. Tourist can enjoy duty-free shopping stores that rated the worlds best for few years in a row in year 2013 by Business Travelers
South Korea Incheon Airport was opened in early year 2001 in order to replace the older Gimpo Airport that now serves mostly domestic flights plus shuttle destinations such as Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Osaka, and Beijing.
Seoul Incheon Airport is located at the west of Incheon’s city center between two islands which are Yongyu and Yeongjong. This Korea Airport claims it serves 76 boarding gates. The International arrival halls has very cozy environment that will make travelers feel like home.
There is also pharmacy available at the airport in case any tourist got emergency situation need medicines. There is no need to go to city center to get medicines anymore. If travelers are hungry, there are many delicious food choices available.
The only little minus here is there is no wrapping service for check-in luggage, only paper boxing with different cost based on size. Other than that, everything already two thumbs up based on service and facilities.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Beautiful Koka Beach at Flores Island

Trip around the island of Flores is guaranteed not to be tedious because we will be able to see the beauty of the various corners.
At the end of October 2015, I was with a friend start a trip around the island of Flores. Our trip started early by plane from Kupang to Maumere. Arriving in Maumere we continue the journey to the village of Moni which is located 13 km from the starting point of the ascent of Mount Kelimutu.

The trip to the village of Moni from Maumere very exciting because the roads are impassable in the form of winding - winding that seemed endless.
When entering the territory of Paga, or about 42 km from the town of Maumere here we find a signpost pointing towards the beach Koka a distance of 2.5 Km from the highway. Out of curiosity, we asked the driver to stop first at the beach.
We entered the road that turned out not too good condition even rocky, on the right side of the road is thriving cocoa trees.

After passing through the semi off road we finally arrived at the beach Koka. Curiosity paid off when he saw the beautiful coast of the South Island of Flores. Koka beaches have clean white sand and lined by cliffs - cliffs that look dazzling on the other hand looks like this beach has two small bays are limited both by a large rock in the middle.

Beaches on the right appear fierce because decorated with rows of coral and rock fraudulent constantly hit by waves continuously while the left side seems more gentle because of the panorama form hill and fine, white sand.

Due to our arrival here during weekdays so no one else who visit our besides making beach Koka ours seemed personal, we were free to take the object - which is good without any interruption.

Actually we are still reluctant to move from this beach, but our journey is still far away so we had to leave this beautiful beach. We arrived back to the highway which was not far from the entry point we have crossed the line of Maumere and we go in the district of Ende.

Climbing Merapi Mountain with Friends

Precisely dated June 28, 2015 I and my friends make the climb to Mount Merapi track Selo, Boyolali. in fact we are in the plan is to climb to Mount Sindoro in Waterford, Central Java. Because Sindoro there is a fire, we also plan undo.

After a few hours of Randublatung (Blora), we rest for a while in Sukoharjo (workplace brother). Around 15:00 pm, we headed Selo, Boyolali. Until Cepogo, precisely in front of the Market Cepogo we stopped to buy logistics in the minimarket.

Mahameru right at basecamp at 17:00 pm. Then short break while waiting for the registrar to come. At Mount Merapi we just pay Rp15.000,00 / person. Immediately, we started to climb and do not forget we berdoa.Berjalan step by step ended up in New Selo.

We currently prefer to climb at night. Why? Therefore, the evening trip to the summit will not make lazy. The trip is also more focused because not only pay attention to the views of the surrounding mountains.

After traveling nearly 5 hours, finally arrived at the Market Bubrah. Here, we set up a tent. Since the wind is too strong, tough tent attached. Moreover, we also have to fight fatigue and sleepiness. Coldness really bone-chilling, brrrr. At 23:15 pm the tent attached behind a large rock. Time to sleep.

At 05.00 am we woke up, pray Fajr. While preparation for the summit, we eat a light meal beforehand as a booster stomach. Do not forget we bring mineral water purchased from minimarket in Cepogo. Outside the tent has many climbers who want to the summit.

Have not yet reached the peak, still in the sea of ​​sand we've presented a timid sun weeks to manifest themselves. We should not miss this moment. Take mobile phones, immortalized. Beautiful is not it? Anything else is like this!

The struggle of the Market Bubrah to highlight is the challenge of Mount Merapi. The sea of ​​sand welcomed us, to the extent that the shoes are full of sand. Anyway very exciting climbed Mount Merapi, many challenges. When we step, we must be ready degenerate feet. In high spirits, we finally reach the summit. On the peak of Mount Merapi was already a lot of climbers. There are also foreigners who just want to get down with the group.

At the summit, we must be careful when taking pictures. Not to slip up into the ravine. Because, at the peak of the place is not so wide. So, we must be willing to take turns with other climbers.

Without lingering at the top, at 07.00 pm we go down. When I get off that we could enjoy the 'slide' small time game. 07.30 pm arrived at the tent. Outside the tent we cook and make drinks as body warmers. Finish cleaning up the tent, we finally get down and get back to Randublatung, Blora.

Brief Travel to Purwakarta

Holidays responsibility as dated December 9, 2015 and, due to simultaneous elections, I used to brief traveled to Purwakarta precisely to the site of the reservoir Cirata. I call the day off responsibility, because it is precisely in the middle of the week and the next day had to report to work as usual.

For Jakarta residents who do not have the elections simultaneously, the phenomenon of the holiday as it will be more clear with the crowds at the malls increased. The roof-Gadog track, I watched through radio, as usual also subject to open and close, evidence that the holidays responsibility as it also helped to enliven the vehicle traffic in the direction of the line as well as Saturday and Sunday.

Not one of my choice also with the family for a short traveled to the region Purwakarta that day. In contrast to a few days earlier when heading Cirebon on Saturday and experiencing heavy traffic in Cikampek, then on holidays responsibility as it is precisely Cikampek toll so deserted. It did not take long to reach Cipularang and exit at the toll booth Jatiluhur. Travelling by car is also so casually. Was recorded at 08:39 pm when the vehicle entered Jati Asih JORR Cikampek direction and around 10:45 pm, we arrived at the reservoir Cirata.

Not felt, already 19 years passed when first had served briefly in Purwakarta. Precisely because of the work and the assignment given that I came to know the location of versatile Jatiluhur reservoir. But reservoirs Cirata, I had never visited. So interested in visiting this reservoir after reading Kompasianer also ( Plus memory satay taste typical maranggi Purwakarta it. Turns on December 5, 2015 in Purwakarta held Festival Steak Maranggi. This creativity is good too. From satay to steak. The event was supported by the Purwakarta district government. Dear at the same time, we traveled to Cirebon. Another memory of Purwakarta is a restaurant that I visit often used. If not mistaken, his name Eating Savoury.

Only from just reading my article, I came to know of this restaurant seems to still exist. After the exit Jatiluhur (direction Cipularang) there are also some restaurants are highly recommended by some of the culinary connoisseur, for example Sundanese restaurant Sambel Hejo Sambel sudden exactly at the junction encountered after paying the toll exit from the Jatiluhur Cipularang. From the T-junction, turn left towards the town of Purwakarta, also not so far be found restaurants Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo.

From the direction of the toll booth exit Jatiluhur it up to meet the junction, if you want to Jatiluhur reservoir staying turn left (same as the direction to the town of Purwakarta), if you want to reservoir Cirata stay turn right towards Plered, next only to capitalize google maps and directions direction along the path are sufficient, we can easily arrive at the reservoir Cirata. Green valleys, some streams waterfalls, scenic rivers and rice fields around the reservoir is good.

The path we passed through the toll to exit the expressway and headed towards Plered and further to the location of the reservoir has relatively good roads. Road around the reservoir, partly to Bandung and Cianjur portion toward which we had been through too great streets.

For the location of reservoirs, for those who live around Bogor, can also through alternative paths Jonggol -Cariu (one review calls this path the way much damaged, and no further updates on the damaged road lane, whether it has been repaired). Imagine the extent of the reservoir is the puddle Cirata entrance area West Bandung, Purwakarta and Cianjur.

To travel with a shorter travel time, toll lanes to Purwakarta indeed more favorable (with a note, not stagnating Cikampek toll road). Of several articles tour, if you really want to enjoy the culinary around Cirata which is also close to the location of the rental boat, visitors are advised to location called Exiles (if the direction Plered once it gets to about the dam then take the direction to Bandung, do toward Cianjur ). For other culinary locations around the dam there is also a location called Warung Tripa.

Due to the location of Tripa's culinary point that first we have encountered before Exiles, then we make time to stop by the culinary locations. It turns out a lot of choices of restaurants Lesbian in the culinary locations. Some restaurants are very prominent keramaiannya that afternoon. We tried to one restaurant lesehan crowded, it seemed the visitors just a stopover after attending the regent of Purwakarta (hearing information from the owner). There we only ordered satay maranggi to take home. Next we drove back towards the T-junction near the toll booth Jatiluhur, not how far advanced towards the town of Purwakarta and relax enjoying lunch in a restaurant Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo.

Holiday stuffed bear brief but satisfying tour. Especially for matters culinary tastes, we agree, other times should drop back to Purwakarta. At 16:20 pm, we had arrived back home to enjoy the rest of the day off election simultaneously, and do not forget to enjoy a delicious satay maranggi it.

Pedongkelan Park be a Dream Park

Regional banks of Pedongkelan, West Jakarta to be damaged by the construction of the park former landfill near the park, trash that was in some complexes in collect together in the park so be damaged and smelled, if such who would want to visit and enjoy to the park , One of the draw the attention of the garden Pedongkelan, have long been garden Pedongkelan built a lot of people are still not aware of the interest of the park and plants as living beings, which would provide coolness for the community itself, and jg do not care for cleanliness and order in the park Pedongkelan.

Example still a lot of rubbish small scattered in several areas of the park, like in the gutter, seat and located in the middle of the grass, of course, most of the people are concerned with the beauty of the park  and expect the government to be held janitors , as well as a warning to the indiscriminate dumping of garbage and also give witness to the offender. March 2015, the government finally intervened by deploying janitors park. and the government also announce to the chairman Rt locals for three months in order to give the program (let's keep our park) to the community by to join his participation several communities in carrying out voluntary work every day of the week to come help clean the park, because of course if we want a garden beautiful and cool we also have to maintain and preserve the park, because we only was as living things that can keep our own environments.

After three months with programs that provide government Taman Pedongkelan the former is parks slum, shunned people and often the landfill of some complex local, now turned into a beautiful garden, neat, clean and resented by many people , Many are also various facilities such as CCTV or sports equipment are made of materials throughout the mainly pipe scrap metal are interconnected and made to resemble fitness equipment and then repainted so it looks good and worthy for the visitors, there are also many places to play children for example slides, swings and much more, every morning the villagers around so many have often come to the park just to relax breathe fresh air, and just accompany their children to play, as together we know the park has several functions one of which , the park also serves as a place of recreation contains educative.

With the park around the neighborhood add attractions nuanced simple but can build high socialization gathering place for the community, the park also has a health function, a garden full of trees into ecological tourism that makes the air to be clean and makes our lungs become cleaner. We must realize that the importance of the park is not just a place for recreation but as a park absorbent pollution ​​air polluted by various air pollution. All and thank you from me