Monday, August 31, 2015

San Sebastian of Spain

Peninsula Iberica is also known as State matador, none other than the hometown of actress Penelope Cruz and Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas. The city should I visit is situated in the region of Basque Country (name of the region that has autonomy in the Spanish state), northern Spain, precisely near the Bay of Biscay. Name of the town is San Sebastian, or in the language of Euskara (the local the local language), also known as Donostia San Sebastian.

In my mind, the city dubbed the Summer Capital of Spain, sounds sexy, the city must also be famous as its name. The town is said to have a sale value of the property the most expensive in Europe. A river, Urume name suggests, lies in the city center. The river that was precipitated white sand ending in the Bay of Biscay. I note, the city government is very clever, put the bus station near the road to the river. I walked to the end of the river and arrived in the area Urgull.

While walking, I felt a gust of wind early autumn incessant strikes oak leaves scattered on the sidewalk. I am confident only its own way, because it holds a map of tourist central office. Anyway, the town's population of 183 090 inhabitants are not too large. On the river there are two bridges Urumea famous as a city landmark. The first bridge is the Puente de Maria Christina, was built during the Spanish Empire monarchy. He said, was inspired by the bridge Pont Alexander III Bridge on the River Seine, France. Maria Christina was the consort of the King of Spain, Alfonso XII. Its architecture is very classic.

There are four towers, two at each end of the bridge, with sculptured ornaments. In 1893, this bridge is a wooden bridge, so that the urban population living in the south could towards the train station which is in the north. In line with the times, permanent bridge is built and inaugurated in 1905. I kept walking past the Hotel Maria Christina, one of the grandest hotels, where overnight the jet set. From the bridge the second close look at the pillars of green and round lights on it.

The bridge is located near the Kursaal Congress Palace and Auditorium, where performances of music and movie world level. Been to San Sebastian is not complete if it does not enjoy the beaches. I walk towards the beach. San Sebastian has three beautiful beaches in the region, namely the Playa de La Concha, Playa de Ondaretta, and Playa de Zuriolla. Beautiful beaches are located on the Bay of Biscay, between two mountains: Monte Urgull and Monte Igeldo. I decided to go enjoy the Playa de La Concha and Playa de Ondaretta.

In addition to one-way, both these beaches have attractions for the public, while Playa de Zuriolla is an area of exclusive hotels and inns. Before arriving at the Playa de La Concha at the end Urgull neighborhood, I passed a magnificent building, City Hall of San Sebastian. The town hall is located right on the edge of town with a background view of the beach. Not far away there is a park area Parque de Miramar, a place for recreation and children's playground equipped carousel. Playa de La Concha is the largest and most popular beach in San Sebastian.

During summer, the beach crowded with water sports activities, such as kayaking, canoeing and sail boating. Soft white sandy beach is 'watered' full sunlight, making it ideal for sunbathing spot. The water was cool and fresh. Gulls busy beach fro, adds to the cozy feeling. In the distance the boats with white sails mast docked in the harbor. At night, the beach is clean overwritten white light coming from the lampposts along the coast, creating an atmosphere like in a fairy tale. Fantastic Before continuing the journey, I stopped first at the coffee shop in a side street and eat pintxos (commonly called tapas), regional specialties Basque Country. This confectionary slices of bread in the form of small or medium size with a variety of toppings such as goat cheese, ham, seafood, anchovies, or vegetables. Pintxos is usually a light meal, a friend drink cerveza, beer typical Spanish. Generally it is provided with a package of drinks but some restaurants sell separately.

One piece of pintxos average cost € 3.50 to € 4, depending on the size. Although the wind is rather strong, I choose to drink coffee on the veranda, to be looking at the beach and look at the pacing of tourists eager to enjoy the beach. A moment later, my eyes fell on an island between Concha Beach and Beach Ondaretta. When I asked the waiter tavern, it turns out the name of the island is very pretty, Isla Santa Clara. The island was once a place to hide and take cover from enemy attack. However, now it is functioned as a place of tourism. On the island already built the hotel and there is a small harbor.

 When the sand began to turn into a rather dull, it was a sign I entered the Playa de Ondaretta. Ondaretta in the language of Euskara means small beach. Ondaretta beach is smaller than Cocha Beach, located close to the mountains Igeldo and has rocks are black. That is why there is a change of color sand. Getting to the end of the beach, the rocks more clearly protrudes toward the shore, so many overdraft creating small ponds when the waves come, before receding again. Sea animals, such as sea urchins, clams and starfish, sometimes get caught in it. Continue the journey, this time I did not down the beach, but walking on the sidewalk, because they want towards the cliffs in Igeldo mountain slopes to see the works of sculpture titled The Wind Comb.

Waves on the beach Ondaretta is fiercer. In fact, the distance between the shoreline with a settlement is not too wide. Thus, to avoid overflow of big waves, built a retaining wall for high tide, connect up to the slopes of the mountains Igeldo. It was here, among the rocks and retaining walls waves, The Wind Comb is. Four similar installation C-shaped claws, mounted with different spacing. Makin juts into the ocean, each installation is attached to a reef. The arrangement, when seen from a distance, line of sight, but interspersed within, so that it looked like a jagged comb. From the ocean that is the cold wind howling ferocious towards the mainland.

Therefore, this artwork called The Wind of Comb, work of an artist born in San Sebastian sculpture named Haizen Orrazia. Opportunity streets in the old town do not miss. This old town area in ancient times surrounded by the separation wall, for a livable community called Joxemaritarrak or Koxkeroak. People Koxkeroak is the largest communities who speak Gascon until the early 18th century In 1863, the dividing wall between the community and the citizens of the city, was destroyed. The goal is for the expansion and the legitimacy of the city of San Sebastian. Some old buildings are still visible ancient architecture.

The old town is very popular among tourists. While viewing the map, there is a church called San Ignacio de Loiola. I was headed there. Minaret building is very high, so that the digital camera I was not able to reach. This church gothic architecture, like San Sebastian Cathedral. Because it is located in the district of Loiola, the church is named according to the region. According to historical records, in 1936 Loiola used as the headquarters of the rebels who often create unrest. There are other tourist attractions, such as the Miramar Palace and Gizpukoa Square. However, tourists prefer cultural attractions in the form of performances and festivals in San Sebastian, such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival and San Sebastian Jazz Music Festival (Jazaldia).

For local traditional celebrations, the most famous is the San Sebastian Day, which is celebrated every year on 20 January. On that day, the people did feast called Tamborrada. This celebration is held at night in the Parte Vieja, by playing the drums and marched wearing Basque Country region. After that, a grown man would perform rituals Sociodades Gastronomicas or dinner together. In the past, only men could participate this banquet. Now all blend into one in Noche de La Tamborrada (Night Tamborrada). For donostiarras (nickname for residents of San Sebastian), this is the most awaited celebration and the largest in the city.

Jeju of South Korea

Jeju Island (also called Cheju) is often touted as the island Bali of South Korea. Some people also call it as Hawaiian South Korea. Clearly, the island that lies between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, has become a honeymoon destination for Koreans, for its natural beauty such as beaches, mountains, and beautiful gardens.

That is the reason that made me fly to the island. After a one-hour flight from Seoul, Jeju airport, my friend and greeted Hyunju and Emma, two local women that we know of the CouchSurfing community. In place they we stay over at Jeju. Although it was first meeting, they were very warm welcome.

They immediately invited us to dinner in downtown. The island was as crowded with Seoul. The difference, roads here are narrow, tight-sized two car lanes only. Like most central tourist area, along the road lined up a variety of restaurants, karaoke bars, boutiques, and cosmetic store. Young Koreans dressed cool looks and forth on these streets. Men wore jackets and scarves, while women wear miniskirts combined with leggings.

Tourism has become one of the mainstays of the island's 530,000 people inhabited this. We enjoyed the traditional Korean menu at a restaurant, the bibimbap (rice mixed vegetables and meat), naengmyeon (noodles served with cold meat broth), and Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). The combination of the savory rice, meat tasted spicy, feels good on the tongue.

The new experience also I feel when eating naengmyeon. Was the first time I tried the broth noodle ice-cold water. While Tteokbokki with small pieces such as sausages have a chewy texture with a spicy sauce that bite on the tongue. The price of these menus are reasonably priced We were then invited to PhotoMaru, a digital sticker photos.

Apparently, the Korean people, the young and the adult, hobby photo sticker. In this place, there are also property photos humorous, such as colorful wig, crown princess style, up in animal costumes. We chose the property as lame as possible, which cannot be found elsewhere Jeju Island also called volcanic island. Here, too, there is the highest volcano in Korea, Mount Halla. Jeju itself was formed by a volcanic burst of about 2 million years ago. This makes Jeju has a unique natural contours. One of them is the many cases that are formed from cooling lava. The cave is the longest cave in Gujwa Manjanggul-eup, Jeju City.

The total length of the cave reaches 7,416 kilometers. But open to the public is just one kilometer away. Of the many caves in Jeju, Manjanggul is the most interesting cave thanks to the form of rock-rock that is unique and lack of bat habitat. During summer, the air in the cave will be very cold, while in winter, the air actually feels warm. We came in the spring that had felt the cold temperature of 13 degrees Celsius in the cave (when the outside temperature is 24 degrees Celsius). Seemed to act as a researcher, we walked through puddles and rocks are steep.

Fortunately, this cave is not too dark; no light from the dim light that allows us to walk and see the lava froze. One that caught our attention is the stone turtle, lava rock fragments which (oddly) shaped like a turtle. Lava lava column or pillar as high as 7.6 meters is also a rare sight that can be found Museum is not always smelling heritage objects. Jungmun Resort Complex, for example, stands Teddy Bear Museum.

A very famous museum in Jeju opened the first time in 2001 long before the characters Winnie the Pooh was born, teddy bear has become a favorite doll. The name is taken from the name Teddy Bear characters fourth US president, Theodore Roosevelt. That said, the teddy bear is also popular comedian glass screen, Mister Bean, became popular since 1902. The story, once Theodore failed to hunt bears. His men then give the president Maonan teddy bear cub to be the target rifle, but he refused. Somehow, since then, Theodore earned the nickname 'Teddy'. Then, after that, everyone chimed store teddy bear at home. Since then, teddy bears become a favorite doll, from children to adults.

We made exasperated to see a variety of teddy bear museum's collection with a variety of costumes. There teddy bear ala Prince Charles, Lady Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, costumed bears astronauts, and many others. Not only children, it seems even adults will love the creative bear version of this museum. Kimnyoung Maze Park is often used as a film series, movies and advertisements Korea.

When viewed from the air, roughly Labyrinth Park built in 1987 is shaped like the receiver. But according to Hyunju, the park was made in the shape of the island of Jeju and in the garden there is a representation of a symbol of a philosophy that is considered sacred by the locals. Symbols among other things, snake, horse, boat, and dolmen (stone table where lay offerings). Surrounded by more than 2,000 hedge plant Leyland Cypress, visitors must find the existing bridge bell as the ultimate goal. If successfully achieve this, we have to ring a bell as a sign of victory. Although the time lost, thanks to the map, we finally managed to find our way to the bridge.

With maps, bells should be found within five minutes. But, without a map, there are visitors who lost to 50 minutes were also found the bridge. Absolutely genius of the creator of this garden Want to feel 'washed up' to the small island of Korea, we also crossed over to the island of Udo. Named Udo (which means cow in Chinese) because the shape of the island is like a cow. The extent of only 6 square meters and inhabited by 1700 people. Uniquely, the island formed by volcanic eruption 25,000 years ago is, no sandy beaches, but filled with rocks, from small ones such as sand, until a huge reef. From the port of Seongsan, we boarded the ferry for 15 minutes to cross to the island. On the other side, the bus that would take us around the island was waiting.

Udo Island, also known as Haenyeo or female diver. There is a tradition that still continues today, the women dive for clams, abalone and seaweed without wearing diving equipment. This tradition has been going on since the 19th century Hanyeo often also called 'mermaid' Udo Island, immortalized by the museum hanyeo. Pull over to the beach, the sea is very clear and has shades of blue, green and light green, making the beach looked beautiful scenery. Its beauty reminds me of Sikuai island in West Sumatra. The water is cold when it makes visitors reluctant to swim. They just slip legs at the knees. The other, just sit relax on the beach.

Some important things when traveling here:
1. In contrast to Seoul that has a subway, transportation in Jeju only buses and taxis. Bus ticket prices vary; starting at 1,000 won while the taxi fare is 2,200 won early
2. The Korean people are very fond of walking. Normally, they would advise us to walk from the bus stop to the tourist attractions. According to them it was close, but the usual up and down in front of the vehicle to the destination, it would be a bit tiring.
3. There must master the Korean language, but minimal memorize some common phrases in Korean. Such as, the sentence for the asking price, time and how to get somewhere. Compared to the Seoul, Jeju people's ability to speak English is very limited.
 4. To find cheap lodging, open Usually hostel is located in the downtown area of Jeju, or in the Seogwipo area, near Jungmun Resort Complex. Room rates start from 14,000 won per night.
5. The standard price of mixed rice or noodles in Jeju between 5000-10000 won
 6. Take time to stop by the jjimjilbang, hot water baths Korea. It costs 8,000 won. Here we will feel the sensation of a shower, a hot bath and a sauna with visitors (especially women).

Jaipur of India

Some see India as a paradise, because seeing the treasure grandeur of the old building was painted words. But, still there is a reality that cannot be denied, that the population of India is very dense and crowded. Nevertheless, it is precisely through honesty pulse of the city, I found 'paradise' real India.

I started learning in Sanganer Airport, in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Jaipur is popular as a tourist destination because of the history of the city is impressive. Royal India in early eras, broke across the city. Some castles stand, especially when it became the capital of Rajasthan Jaipur in 1727. One of the marks is the establishment of the City Palace. City Palace, Jaipur royal palace centered place, founded on the command of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the first ruler of Jaipur.

City Palace function now is as the residence of the successor to the throne of Maharaja-10. Blade of buildings that are not accessible to the public is the Chandra Mahal, the residence of the king. I imagine the sound of drums and shehnai (a type of flute) are typical soldier sounded frequently king out of the palace.

The remaining parts of City Palace in the form of museum Mubarak Mahal and magnificent open spaces. Functions include a ceremony and feast land, which are usually filled entertainment fighting elephants. Outline design which involves melting the Hindu kingdom of Mughal and Rajput architecture is rich colors, ornate carved on the facade. "Many photographers who behind Stand came to Jaipur in pursuit of the object of the most beautiful," said a journalist friend.

 Temperatures reached 38 degrees Celsius in the city which was the desert sand. Tourist bus took me to penetrate the dry afternoon Jaipur. From inside the bus were cool, I witnessed the reality of city life. Bum soundly asleep in city parks and walkways. Crowded cars on the highway honking and crucify each other. Seliweran stray dogs and even some cows cool strolling the roadside.

Apparently, no one dared to chase away animals that are considered sacred. I do not miss the opportunity to shopping sari and bangles colorful Sireh Deori Market downtown. Problem cider, good quality usually starts from 1,000 rupees. Market crowded with street vendors, mostly offering services to draw henna. I fell in love with a view of women that her hands and feet were painted with henna. They squat while gossiping in the middle of the market, like doing a manicure. In this area, the building is lined by terracotta paint. The unique conditions that make Jaipur attached with the name Pink City.

There is a reason behind the actions that are out of this habit. That said, Maharaja so mengelukan god Shiva. Incidentally god's favorite color is pink (which is then translated to the age of terracotta color). The other reason, this is done to welcome the arrival of the King of England, Edward VII, in 1876. Not far from here is Hawa Mahal, or Palace of Winds, as the sole residence of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II outside City Palace. He built it in 1799 in order to freely watch the night market hubbub of holes in the entire balcony Hawa Mahal.

With a jeep ride, I take the 11 km journey to the area of Amber, the old location of the capital of Rajasthan. Before viewing pharmaceutics Amber Fort, I rode an elephant in the area around the castle. From the top of this elephant I could see the castle that stretches the length and salmon-colored from a distance. In addition to the castle, the river flows Savail quiet. I passed through many small shops that sell pot-clay pots and dishes typical of India. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I had no opportunity to pause in stores this unique folk. Arriving at the castle, I headed a core part of Amber Palace. To enter the palace, there is a beautiful gate Ganesh Pol filled with precious stone mosaic. The inside of the castle is divided into several functions.

One of them, Zenana, the arena of the gathering of the wife of the king surrounded by rooms. In the past, these rooms curtained, to provide privacy, so that no one knows where the king's wife to spend the night. I also passed the Albert Hall. This magnificent building is a museum of the European architecture. Outside display is made as closely as possible with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Also visible hotels resplendent with big pillars that resemble palaces.

Although not a metropolitan city, Jaipur is a storehouse of a magnificent hotel. Because, many former palaces India managed as a premium hotel In the 16th century and 17, Agra had been the capital of India. This is where the Taj Mahal stands. Examples of Indian Muslim architecture is a symbol of eternal love of Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife, Arjuman Bano Begum, who died at the age of 39 years. Precisely, when she gives birth to 14th child in 1631. For the sake of the memory of his wife, known as Mumtaz Mahal, a mausoleum protected luxury dome was built in 1631 and finished tahun1648. Examination at the Taj Mahal tour is very tight. Perhaps, as many foreign travelers, safety is properly addressed. Before treading the main street, the building was named Darwaza welcome. Ceiling of the building at the end of the curved shape often a 'frame' natural for shooting angle Taj Mahal. Out of Darwaza, there Charbagh garden, flower garden watering fountains along the path to the tomb. At the Taj Mahal, two imaginary tomb of Emperor and his wife built.

Actual tomb is located on the ground floor that cannot be accessed pubik. I imagine melancholy emperor was led 20,000 workers, in the midst of deep sorrow. He instructed that the white marble from Jodhpur became the primary building material Taj Mahal. This marble was lining the 57 meter high building.

Building materials imported from all over India and Central Asia by using a thousand elephants. Precious stones from different regions are used. In the middle of the cemetery, I was crammed with many Indians. "They are inexhaustible went to the Taj Mahal. The place is luxurious, with a lovely garden, is like an oasis for people who daily deal with slums, "said tour guide. Out of the Taj Mahal, I was greeted by sellers T-shirts, miniature, up books on Taj Mahal. Judging from the number and how to sell half force, Taj Mahal appears to be a livelihood for local communities.

Does not worry, shopping bags of landslides will not make your wallet dry. Prices of goods and services in the country are fairly cheap. Wash eyes connected again to the magnificent fortress of red stone called the Red Fort, built on the park near the Yamuna River in 1565. In it, there are small palaces with Mughal architectural style On the way to Delhi, I had a slight improvement landscape. Greenish fields.

Center metropolitan life grew stronger, as the approaching Delhi. Besides Mumbai, Delhi is a modern city in India, especially in the new area, New Delhi. Shops, school buildings, and modern cafes appeared prestige. I had stopped for lunch at a luxury hotel, the Oberoi. Entering the hotel lobby, I saw the eyes of urban Indian women. The hotel manager came to greet is a woman wearing a sari. In the hotel pastry shop, looking women who also wore a colorful sari, fun to sip a cocktail or eating cake French macaroon. Indian woman perfectly polished makeup, carrying a bag of branded and smartphones passing.

However, the agenda in Delhi certainly not filled with all the luxury. I see that the real elegance Delhi is located in the old building. Most of the building was still well maintained. In the afternoon, in the city center, I watched the city landmarks, India Gate. This landmark was built to mark the death of the Indian Army and the British who fought during World War I. This gate has a similar shape to the Champs Elysées in Paris, but in a smaller version, width of 9 meters.

I was a picnic on the grass and soothing eye staring at artificial pond. If you'd like religious tourism, Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India, also needs to be visited. Three buds domed marble, luxurious look from a distance. The breadth of the porch of the mosque, I estimate that this mosque able to accommodate about two thousand worshipers. I witnessed many such governmental buildings President House, before finally completing the trip in Rajghat, the monument is a figure cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi.

 I once visited the Red Fort, the old city area of Delhi (Old Delhi). The name of this castle together with the Red Fort in Agra, because it is made from the same material red stone. However, the Red Fort in Delhi was built on the command of Emperor Shah Jahan for a period of 9 years

Tips traveled to India:
• The weather. Summer in India is very challenging. Prepare mineral water to avoid dehydration, sunglasses, and wear light-colored clothing that is thin.
• Toilet. Decent toilet is rare. Take the opportunity while at a hotel or restaurant.
• Food. But avoid snacks at roadside for reasons of hygiene. Residents of Delhi and Mumbay though still frequent food poisoning.
• Guide. It costs can start from 2,000 rupees to the tourist sites. To be more economical, use the package price.
• Transportation. The public bus is always crowded. Wait for a taxi at the roadside could take some time. Driving your rental car did not help, because the markings or road signs are not easily understood and driving habits that are less orderly. Hire a driver to anticipate all of this.

Bucaramanga Beautiful City

Staying with a local family and considers Bucaramanga as a second home, the following is my summary of the experience. Bucaramanga is not the most popular city in Colombia, simply because it is not as big as Medellín or Bogotá. But although small, this city should not be underestimated. Therefore, its nickname as Ciudad Bonita (Beautiful City) and the Ciudad de Los Parques (City Park) is consistent with reality. Its population is about 1.2 million live among hundreds of green parks scattered throughout the city.

Bucaramanga and the people welcomed me with warmth typical of Latin America and the curiosity of other special culture. 220 city park "where it Bucaramanga anyway?" my question was answered after about 40 hours of total flying time and transit from Jakarta to Amsterdam, Lima, to Bogotá, where I attended the welcoming ceremony, after showering and sleeping minimally. Apparently, if we draw a straight line from Jakarta to penetrate the globe, approximately we will arrive in Bucaramanga.

Yes, the Colombian right is half a world away from Indonesia. Jetlag is immeasurably also makes me so overly sensitive to the sun's equator and the noise of traffic, when I came out of the international airport in the capital city of Palo Negro Departamento de Santander this. Landscape Bucaramanga located in the valley soon unfold in front of my eyes on my way to the city center. Bienvenidos a Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga welcome .... About 40 minutes later, I arrived in Cabecera del Llano - the area where I live and the seven of my friends from Indonesia - which is an upper middle class area that is neat, but still busy and bustling like downtown.

Rows of beautiful housing, modern apartments, restaurant and nightclub, as well as our campus, Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga, can be accessed by foot. In this area the sidewalks clean and wide. Public buses operate properly, on time, and the driver likes to put on some music. Taxis are also countless cheap, especially if divided 2-3 passengers. But, I most enjoy during their stay in Bucaramanga is walking, especially when it comes to campus in the area of El Jardin or Terrazas lush. The roads passable uphill, but along the way there are several stalls empanadas (pastel fill with a variety of sauces cocol) or seller and salpicon juice (papaya fruit drinks sprinkled with grated cheese) which can be approached.

With the weather is often sunny with temperatures of 18-25 degrees Celsius, the hot sun feels so cool thanks to the breeze. Staying with a family together Sanchez 1 cat and two dogs in a 5th floor apartment overlooking Parque San Pío, apparently the right choice. In addition to having a variety of sports equipment free, great park is popular as a venue of various events, ranging from dog-togethers, stage entertainment, culinary festival, up to the municipal elections campaign. Do not expect to sleep until lunch time weekend. Horn sounds and songs of reggaeton and festive Vallenato that echoed through the car stereo is my daily soundtrack, which sounds increasingly climax at the weekend. People Bucaramanga is a lot of activity in the park. How not, the city has 220 well-appointed park complete with sports facilities, even a mini library booth.

Besides San Pío, there is Parque Santander in centro or downtown area, dubbed the park pensioner, because many elderly people who spend time there, to play chess or reading newspapers, drinking tinto or black coffee. There are a number of other large and small garden which I also visited. Such as Parque de los Niños crowded while there is a culinary festival, or Parque Las Palmas is in one corner there is a gelato shop my subscription. But, most became my favorite is the Parque de los Leones which have high stairways and lights of a classic, like in Montmartre, Paris. In the evening the garden looks so romantic. In addition to the park, which tend to be relaxed lifestyle, geography diverse characters, as well as various objects of history, culture, religion, and the well-preserved architecture makes Bucaramanga interesting to be visited. Call Casa Bolívar (Museum which houses a collection of archeology and history of the most important in Santander), La Sagrada Familia (cathedral white that was completed in 1921), or the Capilla de los Dolores (simple chapel that was built in 1701 in one corner of Parque García Rovira the city center). Like the other cities in South America, Bucaramanga also has an annual festival named Feria Bonita.

Throughout the week at the beginning of September, various art performances held at various venues across the city. Obviously the show is a golden opportunity for me to watch live music and dance Colombian free. One that I visited is a salsa concert at Concha acustica. Outdoor stage arts this place is not too extensive, but it seemed to dance salsa with a partner just so much more intimate and sensual there. Which became the highlight of the Feria Bonita is Carnaval del Oriente, the parade that goes along Carrera 27, one of the main streets. The colorful carnival in the middle of a crowd, I felt like I was in a Latin American travel show that I often watch on television. Festive costumes, music shake, and hypnotic dance, everything is in plain sight. I was lucky to pass Halloween in Bucaramanga. In fact, since the day before the date of October 31, adults and children are already out of the house with costumes and makeup serious and terrible is not playing! On the night of Halloween, I was stranded at Cacique.

One of the largest malls in Bucaramanga was so crowded with ghosts, monsters, vampires, and various other supernatural beings, as to the mall escalators for the safety switch off all together. I also saw a true Latin soul of bumangueses (those Bucaramanga) when watching a music concert grand. Fourth Colombian singer and the band's most well-known throughout South America have appeared together at a sports stadium without a roof. The first thing I noticed upon arriving at Estadio A Lopez that night was, how the concert audience is dominated by beautiful women! Bumanguesa and santandereana (Santander woman) apparently has a reputation as the most captivating than women in other cities in Colombia. It's just a word person, so I can not prove it scientifically. But, I see they have a strong character, independent, confident, and vocals. A male friend recalled that santandereana're tough, but they also cariñosa alias compassionate. The concert, which started at 9am there was no sign of completion before midnight. In the middle of the concert seemed to be many who starve while food is peddled only pincho or satai meat and potatoes jumbo size. Drink only water, beer, aguardiente, and various types of other alcoholic beverages. Throughout the show, almost everyone on the podium stand.

All the fun swaying and singing loudly to follow the instructions of the stage. In fact, they are even more burning passion when torrential rain, who most I have ever happened suddenly flushed the whole stadium. Predictably, that night we were forced to go home on foot because no cabs would transport us were soaking wet. Passion of fun not only belong bumangueses. Some say, anywhere in Colombia, every day there is always a party. In fact, throughout the week in the restaurant and nightclub always sound is playing Vallenato - typical Colombian accordion music - and reggaeton-hip-hop of his South America - Bumangueses seemed more pleased bailar with Latin music. Dancing is the way they are, and Latinos in general, to relieve fatigue. But, most of them indeed as if by nature born to dance. As our beloved lecturer, Dilma B. In addition to enroll us in clase de baile once a week with a professional instructor, Dilma also invited us to a club, to direct practice movements learned in the classroom, such as salsa, merengue, and bachata. One place we go is Maria Casquitos and Calison, which includes the oldest salsa clubs in Bucaramanga, with a collection of songs that are so comprehensive. It's really the 'magic' go clubbing with our own faculty. But, see Dilma and several other female teachers swaying on the dance floor until the early hours without appearing tired, I immediately have its own admiration of the Latin woman. On the other hand, the culture and the Catholic religion it is very thick in Bucaramanga and the surrounding area. This is evident from the many churches, chapels and religious statues scattered in many places. Some say that perhaps 99% of people are Catholic Bucaramanga.

However, some of my friends are students 20s claimed to have left the religious beliefs and rituals performed their families. Moreover, like Indonesia, the Colombians also have a high sense of family and a happy get-together at his home. Even the noise of the same! There are two moments I remember most warmly. The first was when I was invited to a birthday cousin of Sebastian Luiz, a student who became padrino or 'foster father' me over in Bucaramanga. The program plan is to pair each padrino foreign students with local students so that they are easier to adapt and learn the Spanish language daily faster. Vesga family welcomed me warmly in a small apartment crowded with guests. Not a lot of people who can speak English Bucaramanga. However, when he found out his foreign guests could not speak Spanish, the family is still trying to communicate through various means and gestures. They continued to talk at length, perhaps hoping there are 1-2 words that are familiar to my ears.

However, when it was in full swing scene heard the story of an aunt, suddenly one of the daughters appeared with a pot of chicken rice. Then by holding a spoon and he joked, he was feeding everyone, including me. It felt among worried once touched, it turns out I already considered as a part of their family. The second is the home of Carmen Caren, retired women nurse whose apartment inhabited three of my friends and often used as a base camp for homework. Almost every week, along with his son, Danez, and family friends Carmen, we ate together Colombian and Indonesian cuisine. 'Adoptive mother' and her husband, Alvarro, who occasionally work from home outside the city shared many stories about life in Bucaramanga. Of course, in Spanish, the second month in Bucaramanga, beginning to sound make sense.

 Cultural exchange between Indonesia and Colombia mostly occurs off campus, and many of them occurred in the dining room Carmen. For example, when we introduced the avocado juice, which is for the people of Latin America so bizarre. The reason, they create avocados eaten salty as a friend to eat (such as for salads or guacamole) and not as sweet drinks. Interestingly, when tasting a variety of chili from Indonesia, Carmen told me that even though Colombia had plenty of chilli and paprika, not many spicy dishes there.

If there was, spicy foods often consumed by men than women. Apparently, there is no presumption that spicy foods seem more challenging and masculine. At the end of the program, I am preparing to return to the Indonesian armed with new friends, new languages, new experiences, and a myriad of stories. After visiting other cities, such as Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena, I am grateful to live in Bucaramanga, a city whose temperament tend to be more calm and easy going. Presumably, the tourism slogan Visit Colombia applies also in Bucaramanga. When it came, would not want to go home

My Solo Road Trips

Road trip or a trip driving distance probably is one of the classic traveling culture that is rarely thought of by tourists today. In fact, many popular destinations of the country that have these routes with a spectacular view. Besides away from the crowds of tourists, driving on foreign roads also provide a different sensation of adventure. When road trip, we can also direct contact with the local community life in places impassable. Here are some of these road trips are popular in the world. Iniah street called the mother road.

Not much is the name attributed to the Route 66 this, because this road is stretching along 3,940 kilometers, starting from Chicago in Illinois, passed through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and ended in Santa Monica, California. We should not be too ambitious to be along the entire Route 66's. Select the nearest service just out of town stop by choice. Route 66 is very classical and save a lot of American history.

This is the main road to the current American population migrated to the west in the 1930s. No wonder that along the way, too, the developing economies. Because a large role in the history of this, then stood associations and foundations to preserve Route 66. With a distance of nearly four times the island of Java, you can imagine how rich experience to be gained.

Local community life in small towns were impassable, especially coming into the state of Texas, it was interesting and different from major US cities like New York or Los Angeles. If tired, stayed stopped at a diner or a small restaurant with a distinctive neon sign that is widely available on the roadside. After drinking coffee or eating pancakes with chocolate milkshake was delicious, continue the trip will be more enjoyable.

Located in the province of Nova Scotia, circling the Cabot Trail Cape Breton Island has long been known among lovers of adventure travel. Along the 298 kilometer route serves a diverse experience, with the highlight the northern area, the Cape Brenton Highland National Park, a plateau region split a watershed. The national park is also home to bald eagles, deer herd big man, and a black bear. The other option, fishing in Cheticamp, whale-watching or simply stroll around the harbor and listen to the birds caw boisterous sea in Pleasant Bay. Or are also not to be missed is a visit to the small villages that still maintain the traditional life style of France and Scotland.

Understandably, Canada is a country with a population of ancestors are mostly immigrants from various countries, including two countries in Europe. To be satisfied along the Cabot Trail, you should take some time for 3 full days. We can also choose whether to take the path in a clockwise or in the opposite direction to clockwise. Both equally will be presenting a spectacular view. Moreover, when the trip was done in the fall, because the eyes will be spoiled by the NII foliage color that is already turning orange as in posters of tourism.

You have heard the story of the legendary road trip Che quevara --seorang American Marxist leaders Latin-- ever filmed under the title The Motorcycle Diaries. Narrated, traveling over 5,000 kilometers in Argentina that inspired revolutionary Che life choices. We can follow the footsteps of Che, by trying to Route 40, which is considered the backbone of the country of origin's Lionel Messi. This trip usually starts from kilometer 0 in Cabo Virgenes (in the province of Santa Cruz) and will end at La Quiaca (Jujuy Province), and will cross 18 rivers, 20 national parks, and connecting 11 provinces. This route is considered similar to Route 66 in the US, but a little longer and interspersed with upland areas so entered the Abra del Acay region in the province of Salta. During the trip, we were treated to a spectacular view of the landscape, from the blue mountains to the valleys full of wineries. Argentina is one of the great wine-producing countries.

Once entering the Northeast region which is located on a plateau, you will find small towns with the Inca culture and Kolla is still thick. Because already the object offered to tourists, the streets Route 40 has been made smooth by the Argentine government. However, in addition to holding a map, it could not hurt to ask local residents to ensure the correctness of the path of Route 40.

Another suggestion, road trip should be done in the winter (October to April), because in the summer it potentially flooding due to heavy rainfall. Still remember Skyfall, the childhood home of James Bond in the last film falling apart? Location filming in Scotland that stole and left the country in the United Kingdom was included in the list of the top destinations in 2013 according to CNN Travel. Scottish Highlands or the Scottish highlands region is the main destination for those who go to the scotch whiskey-producing countries, especially those who want to switch from the big city.

The dominance of gray skies, green hills barbatu-stones, rivers and small lakes, as well as farm animals that roam indifferent roadside is the hallmark of Scottish charming. There are some scenic route selection or a scenic drive that can be done for a few days. Of Glasgow, we could drive about 2 hours north to the small town named Oban, where along the way we will meet and Trossochs Loch Lomond National Park. From Edinburgh, trace the A199 road or the A1 towards Musselburgh past Dirleton and North Berwick, while enjoying views of the North Sea, stopping at small villages, or visit the ruins of two castles.

Or, continue the journey to the north Highlands to the Isle of Skye, to hiking on the largest island in Scotland which has dramatic views. Problem cultural tourism, India is its top. Although often considered not friendly toward female tourist, it seems less 'legitimate' so globetrotter if you have not visited India. This time try driving from New Delhi to Rajasthan with the main purpose of Pink City, Jaipur another name. Together Taj Mahal in Agra, New Delhi and Rajasthan touted as the golden triangle. In Delhi, congestion has become a daily meal. However, once you managed to get out of the capital city of India and entered the Jaipur Highway, who brings you to Rajasthan-- then you will enjoy the real freeway, plus views of the desert with dune-hump on both sides of the road.

The most famous is The Sam Sand Dunes, located about 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer, which is located in the state of Rajasthan. Travelers can rent a tent and enjoy the culinary and cultural travel, including typical Indian dances, here while waiting for a spectacular sunset. And that is not less interesting: camel safari. You should have a minimum of 5 days in order to make this trip with satisfaction. Some of the places to visit is Jaisalmer, Pokhran, and Bikaner, Karni temple where Mara is located.

This is the slim streets that extends along the length of the waterfront flat from Mossel Bay in the western region towards Plettenberg in the east. Many believe, along The Garden Route is the easy way (but beautiful) to get to know South Africa, the first home of the late Nelson Mandela. Why? Because, along the 300 kilometers to be traversed that we will be treated to the natural wealth of the real South Africa: mountains and rows of vineyards on one side, and a rocky coasts alternating with fine sandy beach on the other side. In addition to stopping to frolic on the beach, you will also traverse the natural forests in the Wilderness to Knysna.

That is, the street challenge you will encounter the umbrella of shade trees on the right side of the road. In this area there are also attractions of birdwatching and canoeing in the rivers. But, if you want to stretch their legs with a stroll is also interesting as he took a closer look old trees hundreds of years old. To eat? Do not fear, along the way you can find a restaurant and hotel with excellent standards. Better not come in December-January, as this is the peak season so the prices will certainly rise.

Melbourne Culinary Trip

No one if the capital city of Victoria is the center of culinary trends in Australia. Sydney man was behind Stand snacks in Melbourne. Culinary world is dynamic, the outcome of the meeting between nations colors. Melbourne is more attractive to immigrants than any other city in Australia.

Gold rush past in Victoria tempting immigrants to explore this place. By itself diasporas treat homesickness to try my best to bring back the warmth of home. The Italians opened the deli and introduced the ritual of coffee drinking. Employers’ French descents brought chairs to the outdoor café and bring an atmosphere to eat alfresco. Chinese immigrants opened its stores until late into the night for the busy professional.

I am trying to understand the beginning of a meal spaces that are so 'live' in this town. 1,500-seat sold out quickly a few days before the festival begins. Committees decide to increase its capacity to 1,800 seats. Public crowd filled locations, waiting for the set menu which is inspired by the Italian kitchen creations by Grossi. Grossi is one of many figures that promote Italian dishes in the restaurant industry in Melbourne. The father, Pietro Grossi, immigrated from Milan in 1960. As Italian immigrants at the time, Pietro dependent as a chef. Victoria has a large population of people of Italian descent rate of the highest in Australia.

In Melbourne, the community is ranked fourth biggest. Migration started at the end of the 18th century. Some are missionaries, performance artists, musicians, and businessmen culminate in Melbourne. Through the course of the sea up to three months of grueling, they left their homeland occupied Austria. Australia is the preferred refuge thanks to the development of certain ethnic settlements there. Gold mining heyday in Victoria in the 1850s also invites the arrival of people from around the world.

This makes Melbourne quickly developed rapidly and become one of the richest cities in the colony of Great Britain. I 'around the world' in a day in Melbourne by following MELtours-Walking Tours of Melbourne. This tour took me around the business district and surrounding areas to see where to eat a variety of traditions. The tour guide, invited to meet at a famous deli, Spring Street Grocer. In the first five minutes, I saw mostly limited deli. Until then he showed what was hidden in the basement: a cheese cave! Cheese cave is named Spring Street Cheese Cellar, the only cheese cave in Melbourne. Restaurateur Con Christopoulos built to replicate the cheese cave in France.

The room humidity is specifically mentioned Victor, the Cheesemonger (cheese board), as a supposed way to store cheese. While speaking in a thick French accent, he showed a ripening chamber is used to optimize taste and texture of the cheese. That is, each cheese are sold here was at the right age. Dining in this cave cheese beats the sensation of attending a regular cheese tasting! Outside cheese cheese tasting room is a room while drinking wine. In the era of prohibition, customers drink grappa quietly here. As a code, they say, "Want some coffee."

Although Melbourne was cool, I did not refuse sodoran Gelateria Primavera purchased a tour guide at the front of the deli. Ice crystals that tarnished texture of gelato I do not find. Its texture is dense, but soft when chewed changed. This is partly because the gelato is stored in pozzetti, the frozen container planted under the table. As in Bologna, Italy, gelato is true not placed in the ice cream display featuring gelato mounting. A flower shop built next to the deli. "Con is trying to present a portrait of the life of Rome and Milan in this area," said Kathy. Asian tourists who do not know anything about the history of this deli, passed away.

In Singapore and Hong Kong for example, deli built as a trendy place to shop for gourmet ingredients. In fact, in the villages in the country Italy melting pot, it is aging along deli environment. Local produce is placed jostle each other without the involvement of visual merchandiser. The first restaurant in the city is Florentino, who was originally a wine shop and then transformed into Café Denat. The second owner bought it in 1928 and turned it into a restaurant that serves Italian menu. Chef Grossi family bought it in 1999 and renamed Grossi Florentino. Cassata first Melbourne presented here. Later known raw material is not original. Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956 also smuggle illegal coffee machines from Italy. These machines needed by 150 chefs who handle the event.

No wonder that now a lot of cafes in Melbourne claimed to have a coffee machine first! "The arrival of the chef also gives color to the culinary English was boring, like fish and chips and bangers and mash," said Ted, guide Fitzroy locating Tour. The arrival of the French is not very significant. However, they create an atmosphere of eating at a cafe terrace in the late 19th century. Another story of the Greeks. Driven economic crisis, until the 2015 arrival of immigrants from Greece did not stop. In the past, they were mostly sailors who left the British ships being attracted to gold. After the gold rush subsided, they settled as workers in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Communities are strengthened to make Melbourne a migration destination seductive. George Morphesis is one of the sailors who arrived in Melbourne in 1848 and opened a cafe. Followed by Andreas Lekatsas shortly afterwards. Wealth because gold Lekatsas inspire relatives to sail to Victoria. Descendants Lekatsas famous as a printer of premium restaurants in the city. Including Town Hall Café historiis in Swanston Street and some outdoor café. Many Greek restaurants stand in Lonsdale Street, not far from Pellegrini's Espresso Bar in Bourke Street. Usually this place is filled with the music of jazz accompanied by whiskey. "Melbourne has a love affair with dumplings right now," said the tour guide, pointing to HuTong Dumpling Bar.

The restaurant's name is taken from the name of a street in Beijing. Local residents like xiao long bao her. Before operating hours, the chefs who deftly folded skin meticulous xiao long bao. Busyness is creating an atmosphere of 'living' style dim sum shop in Hong Kong. Gold fever also brought many miners from China. During World War II, Chinese restaurants grew to serve the blossoming number of consumers. They are generally the Australian soldiers and their allies. Successful Chinese restaurant slowly seen as a threat to European restaurants. Therefore, proclaimed the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 which restricts the entry of Asian immigrants.

Chinese businessmen who are generally astute one by one to bring the brother to replace manual labor that cannot be indiscriminate entry. Residents began his adaptation to the Cantonese dish that brought immigrants from Guangzhou, the largest city in southern China. Bland taste that tends to easily adapt to the Anglo-Saxon tongue.

In 1975, the name of Gilbert Lau spread as one who spread these culinary influences. He manages Flower Drum restaurant in Little Bourke Street, dense area residents of Chinese descent. Beginning in the 1880s, Chinese tea shops have been established in this area. In the Flower Drum, they are two novelties: the waitress who serves guests like kings and high standardization of the material. This is the combination that makes the popular Flower Drum. After retirement, Gilbert Flower Drum sold to three employees, including chefs’ trust, Anthony Liu Pui. In fact, Singapore and Hong Kong businessmen are already lining up to buy this place with high prices. In the same era, the Japanese cuisine also affect local culinary.

The taste of Japanese food seems easy to like. Fans do not necessarily citizens from Japanese descent,but also a community whose numbers of Greek and Italian communities. Japanese born residents in Melbourne also not only half of the number of residents located in Sydney. Leaving the country itself was viewed as an act that is offensive to the people of Japan. Therefore, only a few of those people who entered Australia in the 1880s and 1890s. They absorbed as miners pearl, the sugar industry, and services.

In fact, until 1891 the only recorded 29 immigrants in Victoria. More than 500 Japanese settled in Australia after World War II. Their wives Australian volunteer soldiers who served in Japan. "Compared to the past, present almost impossible you're somewhere without encountering a sushi bar," said tour guide. Now, Melbournian'm crazy about handmade soba restaurants Simbashi in Liverpool Street. Taka Kumayama, graduates of culinary schools in Japan who has worked in Sydney, moved to this company. For buckwheat, flour he made his own, a rarity in Tokyo though. Classic presentation, merely accompanied by miso soup.

Vietnamese and Thai dishes in the majority is a combination of the menu in a restaurant. Long Grain of Sydney opened branches here and become one of the preferred. Residents invited to feel the family atmosphere Asia through communal-style meal table. Vietnamese Cuisine behavior, as long as it is cheap. The audience is veterans who want to reminisce Vietnamese food. This perspective is slowly changing as young citizens descent who pack into the restaurant form lifestyle. Newcomers considered is Hochi Mama. One drafter of this edgy place was the grandson of a businesswoman shop in Saigon in the 1950s.
The early generation of Vietnam war refugees came to Australia generally. They arrived in several waves thanks to immigration policy. In this country, they maintained a fondness for the style entree salad, oil minimal, minimal meat, and does not involve spice spicy. It is easy to like Western society. Thailand would not leave a strong influence on the culinary Melbourne. In the past, Australia visited the Kingdom of Thailand for the purchase of expensive horses. Flew here to perform similar transactions evolve as a prestigious thing among the rich Thailand. They also learn about agriculture here. I moved toward Curry Corner, spice shops owned by Michael Sharman. Before the 1970s, knowledge of citizens about Indian cuisine is very minimal.

Whatever spiked with brand seasoning Kings Curry Powder, 'legitimate' called Indian cuisine. Michael changed the landscape of this shop. This store imported brands of canned ingredients and seasonings famous of India, also produce fresh curry paste. It all makes this store crowded with spices. Almost no corner is wasted Michael. You will not be able to distinguish whether it is located in Melbourne or in a spice shop in Jaipur. Michael and his wife do a 'culinary diplomacy' by running a cooking class since the first. He told me, he asks his wife to menggorengkan samosas for us. Hmm ... soupy curry spices, mixed with mutton. My tour guide whispered that this was the most delicious samosa in this city. Culinary Mexico into the category of affordable food in Melbourne, along with Indian and Chinese food. The principle of food is something that is completely wrapped in corn tortillas or wheat tortilla.

However, practicality is not the reason the receipt of Mexican food. Melbourne society is not among those who love to dine while rushing. Taco, burrito, until the salsa has an exotic aroma and slightly spicy. It favored citizens who are always exposed to new flavors. The new South American culinary familiar past 15 years. Kathy called it 'the effect of the residents who started to like traveling'. Finally, San Telmo which serves a menu favorites Argentina. Similarly, tapas dishes. In the program Crawl n 'Bite-owned Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2016, I was invited to make restaurant-hopping. One of these three places is Pastuso, presenters ceviche and pisco trendiest cocktail. Pisco is a brandy from South America. Pastuso layout just so many meters of modern Southeast Asian restaurants, Chin Chin in Flinders Lane. One thing about Chin Chin: do not try their luck came at a later time because of lazy queue. Visitors Chin Chin always line up! In the business district, the narrow alleys filled cafe. Gang flanked these buildings called laneways.

Not being able to rent land on the main road, food entrepreneurs to do business here. Laneways became a bone of contention because it makes it look more characterless cafés. "People love the thrill of Melbourne dining in the middle of the ambience that nyempil," said Ted. In working hours, cafes in the laneways never deserted by young people who relax and eat. Not to the office? "They generally are online businesses imported products. Finding money is not needed in the office, "continued Ted. After working hours, no less great restaurants packed with fans. People Melbourne glad pour and eat communally in the restaurant.

However, during a brunch at the cafe for example, they come together as a close and release chatter had not met for years. As in Europe, and certainly not like in Jakarta, they are not preoccupied by the device (gadget) for dining. Tawa them loose among the food, wine, cake, and coffee. With all this excitement, appropriate when Dan mentions that most of the money people spent on food Melbourne

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Travel Places of Western Australia

Many wonderful and unique experience that you can get from a vacation to Western Australia. Starting from the urban life of modern versatile, all-round view of the distinctive green English countryside, the classic buildings of the past, sprawling meadows, beautiful beaches typical of the tropical area, to frolic with unusual animals. No exaggeration when on vacation to Western Australia known as a complete package.

Supposing, various types of tours with differences in climate, attractions choice, up to a diverse lifestyle, provided the largest state in Australia. Western Australia is known as one of the best eco-tourism destination in the world also save so many tourist destinations are suitable for families. Location tend to be safe, play areas such as city parks are not charging, up educational tours that bring children to nature, into value added.

Family members as well as children, adolescents, and adults, must be satisfied and felt around the world when exploring tourist destinations in the region of Western Australia. Do not believe? City Park is not a rare sight in Australia. There are so many well-ordered city park with facilities that make it comfortable. Parks is the largest city and the popular Kings Park. Its beauty is not in doubt. This park has a variety of interesting contours filled nan neat lawns.

Not merely the park, Kings Park offers contemporary beauty of Aboriginal and European history. Here, many international scientific studies conducted. So, not just a picnic with the baby, you can provide information of general knowledge in a fun way. There are more than 3,000 kinds of flowers here. Kings Park beauty enhanced by the Swan Rivers, which adds to the impression of a quiet and peaceful when we walk on the edge. City park is easily accessible as it is located in the city center is also inaccessible anyone for free! Australia gives you the opportunity to swim as close to the dolphins. Across the world, this is where that lets you swim very close to these amazing mammals. So, this being the top of the list you have to do while on vacation in Western Australia with family. Actually, at 12.5 thousand kilometer coastline of Australia, you can just meet up with wild dolphins near the shoreline.

But will be more secure and enjoyable when the moment to meet wild dolphins do this by visiting tour operators, including Bunbury and Rockingham. Rockingham, interactions play dolphins and humans have been present since the 1960s. 45 minutes' drive from Perth, you will arrive at the home of over 260 wild dolphins! Take note, with dolphins activity operates every day in September until early June. While Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre on Koombana Bay which lies further to the south, is the only place in Australia that lets you experience the fun with wild dolphins in the water, boats, and on the shoreline. You can also learn a lot about dolphins in existing research centers. Besides fun, Little also could increase knowledge about mammals are friends on this one! Swimming at the beach, search the cave, walk in the vineyards and lavender, horse riding, fine dining with family, you can do here. Various caves were present to complete your trip.

Try jewel cave to give a view of the unusual cave. White stalactites, like ice, met with a golden yellow glow, make sure you and Little amazed. Little also be at home if you take her to a chocolate factory or workshop ice cream and lollies. Mandatory activity here is to play in the garden maze and encourage baby to find a way out of the most appropriate! Do not forget to take pictures in the garden maze, yes. Ranks gorgeous beach with blue water and white sand can find in here, one of which Injidup Beach. With a sprawling sand beaches, definitely satisfied baby running around and swimming there. The only amusement park in Perth is highly recommended for family travel choice.

Over 25 rides are available for you to try one by one. In October 2015, will be opened anyway funnel water slide rides very high and long! Dare to try? In addition to games and exciting, baby can cuddle koalas, adorable animals unique to Australia. Interested in visiting the Adventure World? Just 25 minutes' drive from Perth and 15 minutes from Fremantle, you can visit the amusement park on this one. Little is not yet 3 years old can enter without paying the ticket, lo! Moving 19 km off the coast of Perth, the beautiful Rottnest Island will be waiting for you by presenting a very different atmosphere. Relaxed atmosphere and beautiful beaches is superiority. You can choose the number of locations snorkeling to peek into the lives of the best beaches in this.

Meanwhile, if you want to relax, stay degree mat on the sand and enjoy the beach were very blue and clean. Rottnest Island is an island favorite holiday location which is frequently used Western Australia. On an island with a length of 11 km and a width of 4.5 km, no motorized vehicles are allowed there. So every visitor will be cycling when circumnavigating the island. Selfie your hobby?

The island also allows you selfie with iconic animals that became the hallmark of Rottnest Island. Is Quokkas, name rare animal strain of mice that you can take photos with family members. Unique! Located 19 km from Perth or 30 minutes drive, the port city of Fremantle offers the charm of the past with contemporary style. You can reminisce with the architecture of a typical Victorian building into a unique color in the middle of metropolitan buildings.

Speaking of Fremantle and not merely on the port city. It is precisely the color of his art is very strong. Start your journey around the city using the tram, then go to the museums that store ancient stuff but managed very modern. Also check the schedule at the Fremantle Arts Centre which has so many fairs or festivals for all ages. Along the way, you will hear songs of street musicians who brought contemporary music.

Do not miss the Fremantle looked at from a height with Freemantle Tourist Wheel at Esplanade Park. The combination of the design of the old city and the atmosphere of the port will look even more amazing when viewed from a height of 40 meters! Metropolitan area, the old town and beautiful beach on the island already enjoy. Complete your holiday with a real adventure in the semi-desert area! Karijini National Park is counted away from Perth city center.

You need to take another flight scheduled to traverse the distance between metropolitan modern all the national parks in Australia's second largest offering rock-shaped ravine nan chocolate high, dramatic waterfalls and rock pools with calm water. Do not be hurried retreat from plans camper here, because the manager provides aka glamping packages that ensure the comfort of glamor camping at Karijini Eco Retreat. King size mattress, bed linen and sleeping equipment-style five-star, luxury toilet, as well as hot water for a shower, you can get. When else wake up instantly turned the desert landscape with high rocks exotic?