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Rance River France

Vacation while learning is the most ideal for me. Some time ago, I found the perfect place to do so, the Rance River estuary area in the northwestern part of France. There, I found the technology tidal power plant that works so awesome. Peering peaceful life in the two cities on opposite estuaries, Saint Malo and Dinard.
Rance river flows into the English Channel or the English Channel, the boundary waters between the United Kingdom and France. By the French, is named after the border waters of the Strait of Manche.
In this river there is a building-like bridge which is actually a tidal energy power plant.

On the west side of the river called La brebis, are City of Dinard, while the east side called La Briantais, there are some small towns that ended in the city of Saint Malo. Both the city itself can be connected to the ferry that serves ferrying passengers traveling to and from the two cities that beach. Saint Malo and Dinard are in Region (provincial level) Bretagne and Département (district level) Ille-et-Vilaine. Bretagne is located in the west of France. Rennes is the capital district.

On the way from Rennes to the River Rance, I was treated to a view of the form fields and grazing cattle. And, because many are restricted sea Bretagne, the profile of this area is low-lying and coastal areas. There, houses and small palaces old château or directly bordered by cliffs, beaches and sea. Imagine living in one building with a view of day-to-day so dramatic.

But do not imagine most power dams. He Barrage de la Rance or Rance Tidal Power Station is essentially an office building superintendent as a two storey house, as well as the flyover which stretches 750 meters. Own electricity generating plant along 390 meters with a width of 33 meters, equipped with 24 turbine engines.

Each day, an average of 26,000 vehicles and 60,000 vehicles cross the dam this summer. Each year, there are 18,000 ships pass through. The existence of the dam is indeed vital for the surrounding community.

From a small hill near the museum, looked homes and small boats are docked at the pier. On the other hand, there is a parking lot with several RVs, a dock, and a restaurant. Auxiliary dock is used for tourist boats will departure down the river Rance.

Although it does not rise to the observation that high, can still be seen City of Saint Malo of distance and calm waters with small boats docked. Once in a while, I could see part of the canal which rose to 90 degrees when no passing ship.

In the river Rance, there is a building-like bridge which is actually a tidal energy power plant. Rance estuary, there are museums that are under the ground. Museum named 'L'usine marémotrice de la Rance et les Energies renouvelables', ie the power plant Rance tidal currents and renewable energies. Or, call the Renewable Energy Museum.

As soon as I entered the underground room, I immediately found a ¾ circle-shaped table that serves as the reception desk. Visitors do not pay a dime to get into this place.

Although the officers are so friendly and informative, unfortunately in this museum there is no guide, unless you make an appointment in advance. As a result, armed with a brochure distributed, all excursion participants formed small groups and immediately walking through the rooms of the museum. From brosurlah I know that the dam was inaugurated by Charles de Gaulle in 1966.

Right behind the reception desk, there is a replica of the fan turbine power plant radius of about 1.5 meters. Radius of the turbine fan, you can imagine how much power the underwater currents passing, that can drive the turbine. Exact replica of a turbine at the top right, there is a room that contains a variety of alternative energy power plants and mini cinema which show films about alternative energy.

Behind a replica of a turbine, there is room shaped hallway with ¼ tube shape. Light in the room is deliberately dimmed, but there was light relief directed to the primary objects. On the wall there is an explanation of all power generation systems underwater currents, all in French, English, and German.
I found a miniature power plant system which when pressed button will move according to the mode of operation turbine power plant. There are some holes in a circle, like a window on ships. Inside the hole there are short films that show a variety of natural phenomena, such as the occurrence of tidal seawater utilized as energy power plants. It's a fun playground for lovers engineering world!

In the power plant, visitors can enter the room where on one side there is a translucent glass that shows the inside of the power plant. In the visible part of the electricity generation in the form of a long corridor. On either side of the aisle there is a cubicle.

Along the corridor there are piles of equipment neat and relate to the world of engineering. Equipment supporting operational processes and work safety are also seen along the hallways were very good lighting.
Back to the alternative energy space, the first thing I see is the large posters. Suber alternative energy sources presented in the poster is derived from water, wind, sun, and others.

My attention switched to some miniature alternative energy power generation equipment in a glass box. Interesting shape with bright colors. The lighting in the room was rather dim as the other rooms, but there are spotlights that highlight miniature.

When viewed first glance, I thought the miniature alternative energy power generation equipment is just like that. The picture changed when a friend of students from other countries are still in the group excursion we touch the button on the outside of the glass box. Suddenly miniature equipment was moving. Additional small lights in a glass case also turns on and follow its movements.
It displays that appeal to adults and children. It feels this is a good strategy to attract people's attention about the existence of various alternative energy sources around us.

With a wide range of equipment and methods, anyone visiting here will be a lot to learn about the existence of renewable energy. It feels no need to force people to be aware and learn about the energy crisis that occurred in the world, tools and methods in this museum already provide learning that is quite simple and easy to understand, such as day-to-day science.
Back to the ground, apparently there are lots of interesting things can be found in Saint Malo and Dinard were geographically opposite. For those who have a hobby of watersports such as sailing and fishing, Rance River estuary area should be visited while on a visit to the northern regions of France. Calm waters and minimal pollution.
There were also two waters of different characters, namely marine and estuarine salt water, brackish water and fresh blend, producing flora and fauna different. However, for those who like fishing, need to pay attention to the instructions because there are some parts of the waters are prohibited for reasons of safety and operation of the power plant.

In addition, although do not have a private boat, we'll also be able to explore the area along rivers and estuaries. Some tour boat Saint Malo agents offer packages for exploring towns in the Region Bretagne part traversed the river. An example is a package trip to Dinan (round trip) through the waterway.

Dinan is a city that is bounded by the walls of the castle, but located on the edge of the river. City of Saint Malo also walled fortress, but it is located on the seafront. Thus, the way we will find the atmosphere varies. In this travel package, tour boats will pass through the power plant Rance.

Other activities in Saint Malo, the city became one of the Travelers' Choice 2013 according to TripAdvisor's website, is to visit the historic sites are quite diverse. The love story of a maritime expedition shall visit the Musée Jacques Cartier dedicated to the explorer of the 16th century, and the Musée du Long-Cours de Cap-hornier dedicated to the ship's captain who expeditions in 19-20 century. There we can find a variety of navigation maps and models of sailboats.
Another option is to look at some of the large mansion belongs to the owner of the ship or malouinières who stands in the middle of the french garden gorgeous and spacious. Luxury look, I immediately imagine how much better off the lives of the owners of the vessel Saint Malo in ancient times. Want to fantasize further in a spectacular flower garden, I also visited Montmarin or botanical garden Haute Bretagne.

Dinard is equally interesting. Reportedly, the city became one of the summer holiday destination for the urban trendy French. Scenery that I found so dramatic: the old buildings stood tall on the cliff beach hit by the waves. The characteristics of the city is also very neat, with walks or long and wide boulevards are lined by shady trees, which centered on the square were packed with various restaurants and crêperie.

To the satisfaction of seeing the sights, can lead Villa les Roches Brunes the neo-classical style architecture from year 1893-1896 and is located on a cliff overlooking the sea. Or Promenade en Bord sur Mer, where you can down a path that seemed endless at the seaside.

Enjoy this city is much better walk while the beach breeze blowing, which may be preferably carried out after the stomach is filled by a variety of fresh seafood dishes and the abundance of local restaurants.
• Towards the Rance River estuary could use the fast trains (TGV) from Paris who will arrive in Rennes 2.5 hours later. Airlines Air France also flies to Rennes from Paris with a duration of 55 minutes.
• The journey must continue by bus or train to Saint Malo or simply by bus to Dinard, 45 minutes to 1 hour. After that, it must use a taxi to get to Rance.
• If you want to see the workings of the Rance Dam near, can make an appointment to do a tour with a guide who will give you a tremendous view of the ebb and flow of the tides.
• A variety of lodging available in Saint Malo and Dinard. We recommend choosing the downtown so easy to walk everywhere

Wildlife Antarctica

Who said cruises only offers views of the endless blue sea. During this time, it must be admitted, is identical to the cruise ship floating hotel and overprice budget that can only be done by the super rich. In fact, the budget was very varied. Cruises also can lead us to the remote corners of the earth that holds the beauty of the skyline. Here are some of them.

None of the most challenging places on the planet besides nature Antarctica. Be one of the few people who ever conquered and set foot on the coldest continent, the chill could reach minus 40 degrees Celsius, this.

This is the most adventurous adventure, which previously could only be achieved by scientists, researchers, and historians who are members of an elite team of polar exploration.

Imagine, camping in the middle of the ice field, snowy mountain climbing, or kayaking in the waters of the almost frozen. We can also say hello to the species of the planet farthest continents, such as penguins, elephant seals and seals, to face the rigors of nature and battle scramble territories. Some ships also offer courses photographing the landscape and wildlife Antarctica.

Number 1:
• Antarctic Peninsula is the most accessible part of the continent. Can be reached by ship from Ushuaia (Argentina, flew from Buenos Aires Airport) from the southernmost South America, with a long trip for 2 days. Cruise travel package usually takes 10-14 days.
• Some operators are offering these tours include a Quark Expedition (, Sail Antarctica (, and National Geographic Explorer

Expanse of cliff green, mountain towering plateau hidden among the folds of the coastline, natural landscape nan 'magnificent' are able to present a magical atmosphere, as we see in the series Game of Thrones, or films Bravehearts and Harry Potter, is a landscape typical of the plains Scottish high. The scenery that can be found on the west coast of Scotland to the St. Kilda. Character lines winding coastal, lake waters, remote villages, the ruins of an old castle, architectural heritage neo-Gothic Victorian, tucked in between the bay with golden sand.
Most cruise that offers the grandeur of this Scottish Highlands departing from Oban, offering itinerary that stop in some places, such as Argyll, Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Staffin Bay, Clyde islands, cliffs Kilt Rock and Thunder Mealt lake with a waterfall.

Number 2:
• Ships are able to reach the most remote places in Scotland, usually small in size that accommodates about 50 guests. For example, Hebridean Island Cruises (, which offers a trip within 4-7 days, from May to September.
• The ship departed from the port city of Oban. Heading into Oban can be reached from the city of Glasgow, Edinburgh or Stirling, by car or train, about 2 hours drive

Who is not curious about the world of celebrities picnic destinations such as Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman, or the Bahamas? Do you know where the islands? Nothing else is in the Caribbean. The place has a 5000 small island is touted as a haven for lovers beach tourism (and famous as well as money-laundering haven illegal business). Find a variety of luxury hotels and resorts, the event rave parties throughout the season, and who knows met with Hollywood celebrities who are on leave.
This place has also become one of the coveted cruise operators, from the size of a gigantic tub floating city that can accommodate 2,000 guests, to which only accommodate 170 guests with a luxurious sailboat.

Number 3:
• Departing from Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, heading to St Maarten or Barbados. The operator can use the Star Clipper Treasure Islands (, Royal Caribbean (, or Disney Cruise Line (
• Go to Virgin Gorda can use a direct flight to the British Virgin Islands via Europe. Can also use the ferry from the nearby town of Tortola, Pueorto Rico, or join a cruise from Miami, Florida, USA.

Whitewashed houses that meet rocky hillside, sparkling blue beaches with clear water of the Aegean Sea is the image of a typical coastal town of Greece. This beauty has existed since prehistoric times, around 1400 BC. Its strategic location in the Mediterranean waters make it has intersected with ancient Roman and Byzantine civilizations.
Accompanied by archaeologists from Athens who became a guide trip, you will be presented with historical stories of each of the ruins of the castle or temple which many scattered islands. There are many small islands in the vicinity. On the island of Kos, for example, there is the castle of St John, from medieval times. On the island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras.

Number 4:
• Cruise with Peter Sommer Travels across the Greek islands with the traditional boat traditional Turkish Gullet or boat made of wood ( Blue Cruise Line also offers a package route passing through the island of Bodrum, Kos, Kaymnos, Leros and Patmos.
• Departing from Samos or Bodrum. Heading to Samos, there are airport serving flights from Athens. Heading to Bodrum can be reached by plane, or it could also take the bus from Turkey, Istanbul to Bodrum distance of approximately 12 hours.
• Cost: Starting from 500 euros (Rp7.5 million) for a 10-day trip.

Discover India in different sensations through the adventure on the water, tracing the most famous holy river. By using a small boat carrying up to 24 guests, 7 days unforgettable taste through the cities exotic India, which each city offers character and different colors. Places that passed also has a historical background: forts, temples, monuments, caves, national parks. Equally important is that we would be spoiled by the rich Indian culinary taste for on board.

Number 5:
• Different experience offered by Steppes (, or Bengal Ganga ( route Kolkata - Varanasi.
• Departing from Farakka (West Bengal), Kolkata, or Patna in Bihar. Available from major cities in India in Calcutta or Patna. To Farakka can be reached by train from Calcutta and takes about 5 hours.
• Cost: Starting from 45,000 rupees (Rp 9 million) for a trip for 5 days.

Underwater natural wealth of the number three in the world. The beach is colored blue gradation green with white sand beaches offer beauty as if never touched by human activity. Region covered with tropical forests, lagoons, various types of bird species, and spice plantations, make this place is far from barren. Geographical location which is far from ubiquitous enough to make us feel cast away from 'civilization', suitable to spend time alone with your partner. Another uniqueness also lies in the diversity of the general population of immigrants from India, Madagascar, South Africa, China, France, and England.

Number 6:
• Using Ship Aurora (, traveling for 19 days departing from Singapore, the route passes through Malacca (Malaysia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), the Seychelles, Mauritius, ending the trip in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, South Africa ,
• Can also departs from Durban, South Africa, or Madagascar route cruise past the Seychelles and Mauritius (
• Cost: Starting from 979 pounds (Rp18 million).

Almost all the major cruise operators must have travel packages to Alaska. 'Department' is famous crowded at all interested persons and the like did not know the season. Many of which can be explored from this place, exploring Denali National Park, see the glaciers in Glacier Bay, hiking in Skagway, or just sit on the deck while the ship to greet the sharks, eagles, or sea lions bersliweran. Lots of cruise options, from the small boat containing only 8-100, ferries, cruise ships load up to 2000 people.

Number 7:
• The big ship just stopped at the main port, usually departing from Vancouver or Seattle.
• If using the Alaska Marine Highway ferry, departing from Ketchikan or Bellingham.
• For large cruise ships, there are Carnival (, Celebrity (, Holland America (, Norwegian (, Princess (, and Royal Caribbean (Royalcaribbean. com) that can be selected cabin class. For a small boat, can use the Adventure Life Voyages (, AdventureSmith Explorations (, America Safari Cruises (, and others.
• Cost: From 120 dollars (1.5 million) per night.

England West Pier and East Pier

Green scenery was not the only charm of the Emerald State, that's the nickname for the Irish. Located in most areas of the island of Ireland, making it laden with all manner of sea views.Republic of Ireland is not located on the mainland of the European continent, but on the island of Ireland, in the western parts of the mainland of the 'White Continent'. 

The Republic of Ireland are not taken over the island as a whole. North of the island of Ireland including the territory of the United Kingdom.

So, Northern Ireland was not included as part of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin, the capital, located on the east coast of the island. When the opportunity to walk into the territory of Ireland, I, Jihan Davincka, do not miss the beaches.This small town is located about 12 km from the heart of Dublin city. So close. From the City Center, Dublin, can be reached by bus in the city alone. If the own car, only takes about 15 minutes.Dun Leary is one of the town pier on the east coast of Ireland. 

Two piers were often used as a city landmark is the West Pier and the East Pier. Ports in the dock is still in active use today.When there, I popped into the West Pier in advance. I, along with her husband and children, come to Dun Leary on a weekend in the summer, around August. Apparently, during the summer there is a kind of playground that features a children's playground are open every Saturday and Sunday.The place feels a bit claustrophobic so many visitors that day. 

Arena games provided diverse, ranging from bouncy castle, various kinds of carousels, cars, trains, and houses a ghost. In one corner there is a vehicle location Bianglala upright. Children are of course directly'm excited to play there. We also share the task, a husband who accompanied the children to play, while I walk, look around the West Pier.Pier stretches split the sea. I try to walk leisurely down the pier about 15 minutes while stopping to take pictures. According to what I read, at the end of the pier there are small monument docked to the beach, about 2-3 km in length.

About a dozen boats and small ships dock leaning on his shoulder. Not a few people passing on the rock that forms the base concrete piers. Apparently, they do not just shipowners. The place is also used for people to walk around while enjoying the high seas.Locals costume looked sport jog or jog along the banks of the pier. Some people seemed to lead her dog to come enjoy the warmth of the sun splash. 

Understandably, the sun is not too frequently approached the area of ​​Ireland.Distance East Pier of the West Pier is close enough, located on the same side of the road. Unlike the bustling area of ​​West Pier, East Pier is not visited by many people. Pier rather unique. There is a kind of a small lake in the form of a box that seemed to separate from the sea. This place was used as a parking lot for boats.It was already getting late. 

The wind blowing harder. Perhaps because the atmosphere is not bustle like in the West Pier, we were just goes around for a while in the East Pier.Not far from the second place, the coast bordering the highway is equally beautiful. Footpath built wide enough. The brown color in stark contrast with the blue sea on one side of the beach. The other side of the street decorated with the green color of the grass is allowed to grow cleanly and the buildings house a predominantly white population. 

Clouds in the blue sky add to the perfection of nature painting when we walk down the beach that afternoon Dun LearyPrior to Dun Leary, we were told a friend about a small town adjacent to Dun Leary. His name is Dalkey. That said, this Dalkey including the elite area of ​​Dublin and the surrounding region. Settled here many celebrities, such as Bono, lead singer of U2.I decided to Dalkey not to expect to meet the artist, heck, but curious as to what about the city. I went straight to the main roads in the area Dalkey, Castle Street. 

His name may be adapted to the presence of an old castle that size is not too large at one end of the road. It does not seem too special so I decided to see the castle from the outside only.Only five minutes circling in Dalkey, feels exactly how clean the city is. Road-road a small, only fit 2 cars. The buildings are painted neat and clean, unlike most buildings in other towns in Ireland of old, left dull and many have chipped paint.

Castle Street is also lined up several cafes that provide outdoor seating. Of course my family and had stopped into one that looks the most crowded cafe. To one of the waiters, I idly asked, "Are there any celebrities hanging around in this street?"Whether joking or not, the maid replied half laughing and winking, "Yes, if you're lucky, you can meet Bono here." Well, you know that we've heard rumors about Bono that he often lounging in one cafes on this street.This cafe provides a broad range of small snacks in the form of a variety of muffins and breads along with a cup of coffee and hot tea. We ordered some muffins only accompanied by a few cups of hot tea. Each piece muffin or bread can be bought at a price of 2-3 euro. As for a cup of tea, it costs 1-3 euros.The town is not far from Dublin. It took about half an hour to reach Bray within approximately 28 km of the territory City Center, Dublin. 

The main charm of Bray is activity along the coast of a small harbor near a place called Martello Terrace, until it reaches the area of ​​Bray Head. Martello Terrace is childhood residence of James Joyce, the famous poet and novelist from Ireland. Bray Head itself is a high hill of approximately 241 meters that separate the city and neighboring Bray, Greystones.The streets along the coast between the two regions was termed 'The Promenade'. From the direction Martello Terrace, we can already see the green hills on the other end. Blends perfectly with the green hills, the left side is where we go off the bright blue sea.

Uniquely, the seaside unadorned yet filled with sand gravel large. Between the footpath and the rocky area leading directly to the open sea made a guardrail.The right of the trail is the green grass which also provide places to sit and a playground for children. After the grass, there is a highway. Across the street is lined hotels and lodgings B & B for tourists who want to enjoy the charm of the beach longer.It took an hour to reach Bray Head, reached by a leisurely walk while looking at the beach. 

Occasionally crossing guardrail let children play fun while throwing stones at sea, or shifted to a playground in the area of ​​grass which is the right of the footpath.Not far away, there is a cafe or a canteen that is large enough and consists of two floors. Provide the main dish-dish such as sandwiches, fries, spaghetti and chicken nuggets, fish, or beef.Public bathroom is not behind. Although somewhat doubt noticed the toilet building already looks old, but, once inside it turns fragrant and clean. 

I just stopped by the toilet, but did not go to the cafeteria, because, I was ready with some food.Continued activities by 'Cliff Walk', walk down a hilly area that connects the city of Bray and Greystones. The road is not so uphill. From there, I could see the vast coastal areas. Along the streets in the hills provided a few chairs and tables to stop and sit to enjoy the beach and its surroundings from the top of the hill.The weather in Ireland is famous very 'moody'. Hot sun and rain can turn in a matter of minutes. 

Rain did not look at the season. Although the summer, rain can be flushed in most areas indiscriminately. It's good to always provide a raincoat.The wind is often blowing pretty hard so that the use of the umbrella is not recommended. Better wear a coat or raincoat hat.In Dublin, do not need to stay in large hotels. Lots of small lodgings quite livable. The term, 'Bed & Breakfast' (B & B) that can also be booked from long ago through websites

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Mount Sindoro Central Java

Precisely dated June 28, 2015 I and my friends make the climb to Mount Merapi track Selo, Boyolali. in fact we are in the plan is to climb to Mount Sindoro in Waterford, Central Java. Because Sindoro there is a fire, we also plan undo.

After a few hours of Randublatung (Blora), we rest for a while in Sukoharjo (workplace brother). Around 15:00 pm, we headed Selo, Boyolali. Until Cepogo, precisely in front of the Market Cepogo we stopped to buy logistics in the minimarket.

Mahameru right at basecamp at 17:00 pm. Then short break while waiting for the registrar to come. At Mount Merapi we just pay Rp15.000,00 / person. Immediately, we started to climb and do not forget we berdoa.Berjalan step by step ended up in New Selo.

We currently prefer to climb at night. Why? Therefore, the evening trip to the summit will not make lazy. The trip is also more focused because not only pay attention to the views of the surrounding mountains.

After traveling nearly 5 hours, finally arrived at the Market Bubrah. Here, we set up a tent. Since the wind is too strong, tough tent attached. Moreover, we also have to fight fatigue and sleepiness. Coldness really bone-chilling, brrrr. At 23:15 pm the tent attached behind a large rock. Time to sleep.

At 05.00 am we woke up, pray Fajr. While preparation for the summit, we eat a light meal beforehand as a booster stomach. Do not forget we bring mineral water purchased from minimarket in Cepogo. Outside the tent has many climbers who want to the summit.

Have not yet reached the peak, still in the sea of ​​sand we've presented a timid sun weeks to manifest themselves. We should not miss this moment. Take mobile phones, immortalized. Beautiful is not it? Anything else is like this!

The struggle of the Market Bubrah to highlight is the challenge of Mount Merapi. The sea of ​​sand welcomed us, to the extent that the shoes are full of sand. Anyway very exciting climbed Mount Merapi, many challenges. When we step, we must be ready degenerate feet. In high spirits, we finally reach the summit. On the peak of Mount Merapi was already a lot of climbers. There are also foreigners who just want to get down with the group.

At the summit, we must be careful when taking pictures. Not to slip up into the ravine. Because, at the peak of the place is not so wide. So, we must be willing to take turns with other climbers.

Without lingering at the top, at 07.00 pm we go down. When I get off that we could enjoy the 'slide' small time game. 07.30 pm arrived at the tent. Outside the tent we cook and make drinks as body warmers. Finish cleaning up the tent, we finally get down and get back to Randublatung, Blora.

Batu was already well known as a tourist destination in recent years. We can be sure the holiday season such as December or July, Batu will be crowded by tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well various artificial tourist rides in town that has the air cool and refreshing.

And for those of you who are bored with just the last road selfie, now there is another alternative for a trip to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature in the suburb of Stone, which is a travel using dirt bike with a track that is not too extreme.

Trail Adventure in Batu has two different paths is the path south and the north path. Southbound lanes starting from the village Tlekung, to the cave of China and continued up to the waterfall Coban daughter who still lies in the village Tlekung. Adventure passed through west ring Oro Oro Ombo village, climb towards the village Seruk, and continued up to the waterfall Coban Rondo. The scenery along the Adventure Trail is very nice and is dominated by pine forests. If you want to try a more challenging path, from Coban Rondo you can continue towards a waterfall Coban Manten, and ends at Mount Dorowati, sub Pujon. The view from the top of the mountain is so amazing.

Adventure Trail north path starting from the village Sumberejo, rose steadily north toward Mount Lots. Once it goes down again through the village Brau up to the waterfall Coban Talun. Coban Talun you can unwind while enjoying the beauty of waterfalls located in the village Junggo, sub Bumiaji. From Coban Talun, proceed through the village Brantas Punten source.

If you do not feel tired, you can continue the journey towards Mount Lucky and fell in Giripurno, Pandanrejo village. Adventure Trail ends at the village Temas. The scenery along the trail path is very beautiful adventure with the air still very fresh because it passes through verdant rice fields, small rivers and unspoiled forest fringes.

If you are interested to travel using the bike trail in the town of Batu, I suggest that you use the services of an experienced guide and knows well the terrain to be traversed. It's for your own comfort and safety, and you will not get lost. It would be better if you do this trip in the group to share the excitement of natural traveled using the bike trail.

Going to Bandung

The atmosphere inside the hotel room penetrating directly into the lake Imah artist Resort, located in the middle of the forest on 11 hectares of land in the area of ​​Lembang, West Bandung regency, West Java. This room is suitable for honeymoon

In Indonesia many warnings the big day. Both the large national and religious holidays. Religious holidays is usually a day off. When the holidays approach, the long holiday weekend.

Be a long holiday for workers plus the end of the semester holidays for school children. Each momentum long holiday resulted in a wave of human movement that adds to the large volume of traffic. If the display off leberan traffic volume dominated by ritual homecoming alias return home. The exodus of millions of people to leave the Greater Jakarta area which is the basis of urbanization.

Meanwhile, when a long holiday as the end of this year, the movement of people can happen both ways. There were returned home there were even coming to the Greater Jakarta, especially school children. But the long holiday every phenomenon is the movement of people to the tourist spots. Traffic dominated by private cars. And subscribed tourists buildup is the Peak area of ​​Jabodetabek and Bandung. In both these areas is known as a tourist area that is quite interesting because of the exotic landscapes.

To Bandung coupled with culinary and various creative works. The positive benefits of a long holiday with a variety of tourist activities is turning the wheels of the economy. There is a distribution of resources or economic pie into the pockets of tourism e dank other travel services. Tourism, hotels, travel services flood of orders. It would greatly assist the government in tourism development. The occurrence of the phenomenon of routine, long holiday tour wakt not be separated from the support of various other sectors. Transport infrastructure, for example, with no toll jagorawi and very helpful Cipularang tourist activities in the area of ​​Bandung and Peak.

Moreover, the government's plan would build a fast train network from Jakarta to Bandung. And other infrastructure that supports tourism. A phenomenon called the long holiday tour because as mass occur until there is congestion on the lines assign it to the area attractions that pride. Actually, because of the two different sides. While humans are always looking for and want to experience something different. Having exhausted by the routine of work, people want a refreshing, refresh body and mind in a beautiful location, safe, convenient, and fun.

Or enjoy the unique atmosphere, even challenging. There are two different sides and sometimes desirable raises some unusual decree anything against fairness. There is a common theory that, when opening a business in strategic places or crowded by people, such as open a restaurant, store or other business at the location wayside. But now there is a unique phenomenon, for example, to open a restaurant or inn in remote places, or in the woods. This can occur because there is supply and demand. Jakarta people who daily work piles beaten, kidnapped on the road congestion and noise loudly. Both politics and business noise or noise in the true sense. When you want to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Cold mountain air, green leaves, proud trees, and want to eat in a restaurant while listening to the sound of water that clean. However, opening a business in a remote deserted place was not easy. Requires a sharp business sense to take the market niches. They know there is a market share and had to work hard to market, pick up customers.

That's why long when vacation Jabodetabek people flock to Bandung, Peak, or Sukabumi. Not to watch a concert or a party, like fire t want to eat and sleep in the woods. True human nature always longed for a friendly and unpretentious. But humans are selfish, did not want to care for, preserve nature, just want to enjoy it. Enjoy the long holiday, may be useful.

Brief Travel to Purwakarta

Holidays responsibility as dated December 9, 2015 and, due to simultaneous elections, I used to brief traveled to Purwakarta precisely to the site of the reservoir Cirata. I call the day off responsibility, because it is precisely in the middle of the week and the next day had to report to work as usual.

For Jakarta residents who do not have the elections simultaneously, the phenomenon of the holiday as it will be more clear with the crowds at the malls increased. The roof-Gadog track, I watched through radio, as usual also subject to open and close, evidence that the holidays responsibility as it also helped to enliven the vehicle traffic in the direction of the line as well as Saturday and Sunday.

Not one of my choice also with the family for a short traveled to the region Purwakarta that day. In contrast to a few days earlier when heading Cirebon on Saturday and experiencing heavy traffic in Cikampek, then on holidays responsibility as it is precisely Cikampek toll so deserted. It did not take long to reach Cipularang and exit at the toll booth Jatiluhur. Travelling by car is also so casually. Was recorded at 08:39 pm when the vehicle entered Jati Asih JORR Cikampek direction and around 10:45 pm, we arrived at the reservoir Cirata.

Not felt, already 19 years passed when first had served briefly in Purwakarta. Precisely because of the work and the assignment given that I came to know the location of versatile Jatiluhur reservoir. But reservoirs Cirata, I had never visited. So interested in visiting this reservoir after reading Kompasianer also ( Plus memory satay taste typical maranggi Purwakarta it. Turns on December 5, 2015 in Purwakarta held Festival Steak Maranggi. This creativity is good too. From satay to steak. The event was supported by the Purwakarta district government. Dear at the same time, we traveled to Cirebon. Another memory of Purwakarta is a restaurant that I visit often used. If not mistaken, his name Eating Savoury.

Only from just reading my article, I came to know of this restaurant seems to still exist. After the exit Jatiluhur (direction Cipularang) there are also some restaurants are highly recommended by some of the culinary connoisseur, for example Sundanese restaurant Sambel Hejo Sambel sudden exactly at the junction encountered after paying the toll exit from the Jatiluhur Cipularang. From the T-junction, turn left towards the town of Purwakarta, also not so far be found restaurants Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo.

From the direction of the toll booth exit Jatiluhur it up to meet the junction, if you want to Jatiluhur reservoir staying turn left (same as the direction to the town of Purwakarta), if you want to reservoir Cirata stay turn right towards Plered, next only to capitalize google maps and directions direction along the path are sufficient, we can easily arrive at the reservoir Cirata. Green valleys, some streams waterfalls, scenic rivers and rice fields around the reservoir is good.

The path we passed through the toll to exit the expressway and headed towards Plered and further to the location of the reservoir has relatively good roads. Road around the reservoir, partly to Bandung and Cianjur portion toward which we had been through too great streets.

For the location of reservoirs, for those who live around Bogor, can also through alternative paths Jonggol -Cariu (one review calls this path the way much damaged, and no further updates on the damaged road lane, whether it has been repaired). Imagine the extent of the reservoir is the puddle Cirata entrance area West Bandung, Purwakarta and Cianjur.

To travel with a shorter travel time, toll lanes to Purwakarta indeed more favorable (with a note, not stagnating Cikampek toll road). Of several articles tour, if you really want to enjoy the culinary around Cirata which is also close to the location of the rental boat, visitors are advised to location called Exiles (if the direction Plered once it gets to about the dam then take the direction to Bandung, do toward Cianjur ). For other culinary locations around the dam there is also a location called Warung Tripa.

Due to the location of Tripa's culinary point that first we have encountered before Exiles, then we make time to stop by the culinary locations. It turns out a lot of choices of restaurants Lesbian in the culinary locations. Some restaurants are very prominent keramaiannya that afternoon. We tried to one restaurant lesehan crowded, it seemed the visitors just a stopover after attending the regent of Purwakarta (hearing information from the owner). There we only ordered satay maranggi to take home. Next we drove back towards the T-junction near the toll booth Jatiluhur, not how far advanced towards the town of Purwakarta and relax enjoying lunch in a restaurant Sari Rasa Sambel Hejo.

Holiday stuffed bear brief but satisfying tour. Especially for matters culinary tastes, we agree, other times should drop back to Purwakarta. At 16:20 pm, we had arrived back home to enjoy the rest of the day off election simultaneously, and do not forget to enjoy a delicious satay maranggi it.

Bandung and Yogyakarta City

On 18-21 December, I went to Bandung to visit some friends who live there. I departed from Gambir station at 10:35 with Argo Parahyangan up with the ultimate aim Bandung station. Inside the train cars I see a group of young people who chatted with the cheerful, appear once they headed duo for the holiday together, while I was left alone without any accompanying a friend. 

Finally, I spent time reading novels online through my mini smartphone, because no one with whom I can talk on the train. Previously I've often ride the train if you want to return to my hometown in Cirebon. 

And usually I testify from behind a train window is a view of verdant rice fields, or yellow, depending on whether at the time of planting or harvest season. But the landscape is much different really welcomed me when I was riding the train began to enter the area of ​​Bandung. Not expanse of rice fields, but the mountains, verdant slopes and hills are beautiful and eye-catching.

I like entering a fairytale world when he realized that the train line passes through the slopes and mountains, even from behind the train window I could see the muzzle of the head of the train when the train passes through a circular path, I have never before witnessed the head of the train when I was in it. Maybe this is a small thing, but for me it was very enjoyable. I remember the various films in which there is a scene featuring a train passes through the mountains. So beautiful.

After each day treated to a view of traffic congestion in Jakarta, buildings towering, and the dark sky Jakarta pollution. Surely a row of terraced, green hills and mountains, and forests through which the train into new things refreshes the eye. Unceasingly I shoot to capture the beauty of it. Although of course, a small camera on the smartphone would not be able to capture the beauty of God's creation through nature painting Bandung.It was a new experience for me, because the last time to Bandung train ride is night, so I could not capture the beautiful scenery presented along the way. I arrived in Singapore picked up by my sister from the village set out what I call Tea Lia who was accompanied by Kang Inin Nastain, Kadesh set out a new one. From the station I was led to lunch in a restaurant Ampera. Hearing the name Ampera, 

I remembered the desert diner called Ampera are widely spread in Jakarta. But apparently, not the cooking field presented there, but typical Sundanese cuisine.The next day, I was invited to tea Lia family to taste the food in the restaurant Alas Daun, where the rice was not served with the dishes but banana leaves. Which is unthinkable in my mind that time is how many bananas they have to be taken leaves every day, not to mention seeing the queues of visitors who continued to arrive clearly reveal that the restaurant was always crowded, maybe they have a banana plantation alone or take a supply of banana growers in around Bandung. hehe. 

After eating at the restaurant Alas Daun I invited the streets surrounding Bandung, though not had time to stop for photos. I am quite pleased to see Gedung Sate through the car window, and the famous street in Bandung like Braga and Jalan Dago. Bandung unstable weather, heat briefly briefly rains also add exciting adventure of my day. The next day, Tea Lia led me to Permata Cimahi housing to meet with Mother Rani. With Mother Rani invited me back the streets, this time with a local train ride Bandung, similar to the Commuter Line in Jakarta which serves local service throughout Bandung. 

I and Rani Mother and four children junior who accompanied us off at the station towards Dago Bandung, then stop to visit Universita Padjadjaran. Sana I sampled the fried chicken sauce that tastes gelo steady once. Not to mention the fried chicken served with fried cauliflower, cabbage usually made with fresh vegetables served raw, it actually fried. Unique all. Truly unforgettable weekend in Bandung. And I did not hesitate to repeat it at other times. :)

Going to Yogyakarta

Special designations familiar to the student and the city of Yogyakarta, the designation it had been firmly attached to the city of Yogyakarta, a lot of facts that support the two designations, ranging from friendly people-friendly and courtesy are also many universities established in the city of Yogyakarta.

Jogja city always hunted by students who come from all parts of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke to seek knowledge and develop knowledge in various University favorite, leading, best, from affordability to charge exorbitant, students are many who choose the University in Yogyakarta as a destination Their main continued to study college level, many reasons students who can deliver them up in the city of Yogyakarta, some of them because the college has included the best universities, colleges are famous, such as Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta State University, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga, Islamic University of Indonesia and many more.

Because of the city that has been dubbed the city of students in recognition that they are students who come to the city, many are grounded want to find a new atmosphere, and attracted by the town that are well known and became one of the cities with a lot of visits from abroad or a tourist, as well as idol who happens to live in the city of Yogyakarta, and many other reasons that make them interested for choosing to study in the city of Yogyakarta.

Well this can also be used as reference material for high school students who want to continue their study in universities in Jogja. Besides famous Jogja as a student city and much sought after by students throughout Indonesia, Yogyakarta also includes cities that are hunted for traveling no denying that Jogja also has many interesting sights and deserves to be visited as tourist beaches that are well known from the sandy beach of soft to the rocky coast, ranging from relaxing and basking in the sun up approaching the challenging steep cliffs.

But the fierce waves southern coast to make people afraid and reluctant to approach. In contrast to the northern coast of Java waves have waves with rolls friendly.

But in reality this does not reduce the interest of visitors who want to travel to enjoy the beautiful whisper of the waves and the wind of the sea blows hard, and many presented a wide range of shore excursions that vary with the beauty and uniqueness of each, the many shore excursions in Yogyakarta can make the visitors will be more interested in traveling in Jogja to explore various beaches with the characteristic of each such beach Krakal in Gunung with sprinkled with white sand and pounding waves that clear, rocks that decorate most of the shoreline, no less attractive unisex beach Baron also located in Gunung Kidul has its own characteristics with a story that is said to be a place stranded Caucasians magic, the beach is flanked by two rows of coral on both sides hold the ocean waves tossed the south that continues endlessly.
And many other beautiful beaches that are worth to visit.

Tourist attractions next Malioboro, certainly no stranger to travel Malioboro that is a magnet visitors from local to foreign countries, where the visitors can satisfy a craving berbelanjanya to be treated to many traders who offer a variety of merchandise from accessories Jogja, shirts Jogja, snacks Jogja, and many more that can drain the contents of your wallet, and satisfactory results of your tour by buying souvenirs of Jogja.
Now that's a glimpse of the city of Yogyakarta with many of the best universities, as well as an attractive tourist.

The Hostorical Bicak Village

A small note about the "history" Bicak this village I wrote in October 2006, five months since I was assigned as a teacher in the village Bicak. When the record is still a draft opaque because kedilep (drowned) by routine work. And, new this time (December 2015), after almost 10 years, in the midst of holiday clean-up events, I found it again in a pile of archives. I think that although still a rough data analysis.

But rather than stalled, and who knows there are people who need it, or hopefully there are more studies, then this record I publish. Tracking the history or the origin or the forerunner of a community (village) might still be useful. Especially when viewed from the side of my field, which is the educational side. Because there were always selected and values ​​are inherited terteladani. He is Bicak Bicak village.

The name of a village at the end of the District of Todanan terbarat, which is also the region at the end of terbarat Blora, Central Java Province, which of course, in which lived a community, the community --- Bicak famous village with the pretty daughter Nyai tub Bicak , Bicak Village area consisting of 6 small pedhukuhan, namely: Dhukuh Bicak, Dhukuh Karangmusa, Dhukuh Sadhang, Dhukuh Dhukuhan, Dhukuh Mudal, and Dhukuh Grasak, --- intangible exotic limestone hills at an altitude of 387 meters above sea level, and is part of a row Mountains North Kendeng in Java. Bicak village community atmosphere that is friendly (welcome) increasingly felt cool just because of the surrounding forest surrounded by acacia, cashew, teak and relatively dense undergrowth. Infrastructure in the village Bicak now arguably relatively adequate.

The access road, although narrow and winding and the rise and fall sharply, but it was smooth asphalt. So the distance is 10 kilometeran the west of the Capital City District Todanan it could ditempoh about 30 menitan. Electricity network has also been connected to the village of Bicak, --- though its down-up and if there is little rain too often die.

And, irrigation systems and clean water pencukupan of some sendhang (springs) also exist, although still traditional. Rural communities need to be conveyed that a good Bicak old, young and children, son and daughter, almost all of them use sendhang-natural sendhang this as a place to shower, wash and ngangsu (take water). Then, a matter of demographics.

The total population of the village of Bicak (until 2006) reached 1,600 late soul 360s belonging to the family and consists of 776 men and 826 women. The biggest portion is thik-iyik (native) Bicak village. Almost all villagers Bicak embraced Islam. There is one family (4 people) was originally a Muslim but because of the influence of outsiders transformed into embracing Protestantism. In terms of education, in general, the older generation of villagers Bicak an elementary school graduate or equivalent (Packet A) and work as a traditional farmer.

Meanwhile the younger generation on average had junior secondary education or equivalent (Packet B), there are even some in college and others have a degree. In the village there Bicak 3 educational institution, namely SDN Bicak 01 standing filial since 1972, then in 1980 followed by the establishment of SDN Bicak 02, as well as the recently established a kindergarten Earth. Among the remaining villagers Bicak Danyang belief that they form the breech gendruwo intangible spirits. So what's the story?

According to the story narrated speech Pundhen back by Interpreter Lock (residence / transit figures origins of a village community) Village Bicak: mBah Karmidin (70 years), that figure origins Bicak villagers called Danyang. Danyang Village Bicak, according to the story said it was personified as a family gendruwo breech (spirits imagined as large, scary, probably similar gorilla?), Named Foot Robyong (father), Nini Robyong (mother) and Jaka Lelana (son ) and Siti Sundari (daughter). Gendruwo fourth was believed to live or settle in 4 large banyan tree which grew in the area that is now identified as the Bicak Sentana pundhen, and now lives 1, 3 others died-collapsed. Once Adu debate.

At one time, Legs Robyong disturbed by the presence of (transit) a character named Ki Dhalang Sapanyana the run since become DPO (List of People Search) Employment Paranggarudha (tracks are said to be in the village of Godo District of Winong Pati regency, about 10 kilometeran westward Sea Village Bicak --- because the crown prince charged with thwarting marriage with the daughter of the Kingdom Carangsoka. Legs Robyong not receive Olehkarena territory penetrated by a stranger, Ki Dhalang Sapanyana.

And, there was disagreement. The way of conflict resolution was agreed upon with the race debate. And, short story, out Ki Dhalang Sapanyana winner. As a consequence, Foot Robyong allow Ki Dhalang Sapanyana stay / layover while in the territory it. And, we are told that in transit it, tertinggallah one gamelan magic Ki Dhalang Sapanyana, such bendhe (percussion) who known Bendhe Bicak.

So on that occasion, he said, the region or the village called Village Bicak. The question is who exactly figure the origin or forerunner of villagers Bicak? Breech gendruwo Foot Robyong Cs or Ki Dhalang Sapanyana, given bendhe Ki Bicak that ultimately made the name of the village is owned Ki Dhalang Sapanyana? Or is it something else? And, true story of this speech truly have material truth?

Banyuwangi of East Java

My train had just departed from the station Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta. The first of the three-carriage trains will I rode towards the city's most eastern island of Java, Banyuwangi. The city that according to legend was born of regret a king named King Banterang.

The king who accused his wife err until then killed his wife. Before dying, she said that if the water where he drowned into a fragrant, it means that he is innocent. Sure enough, the river water becomes fragrant. Scented water in the Java language is banyu fragrant. I was riding this train headed to Semarang.

A short break before continuing to Surabaya. Pasar Turi Station. The first time I set foot in the capital of East Java. New shades entered my brain. While waiting for the train to Banyuwangi, office administrators Tugu Pahlawan be my place to unwind. Until 22:00 hours arriving I fell asleep on the train to Banyuwangi. Tired. Karangasem station Banyuwangi.

The sun had not yet risen, the wind still flirtatious biting, roosters still collecting lives to crow. The station was suwung although many pickup and transport vendors when my train arrived. However, the warm welcome of this city began to be felt when Mas Rahmat Mayhesa, manager of Shelter Banyuwangi which is not far from the entrance to the station, let me go into one room to rest. Shelters are quite famous among backpackers social media has become a gateway for pedestrians heading Banyuwangi.

Familiarity, simplicity, sincerity and joy spilled out on the porch of the modest house the next day. Mas Rahmat, so usually he is known, is very welcome to walkers. Nothing hesitate, also did not look like businessmen homestay, because it's Shelter for free. He became a friend and a guide for anyone who wants to enjoy the city. We can talk, smoke, drink coffee to stay up while exchanging stories together heresy. This shelter is provided on a voluntary basis for the search walkers cheap. However, with its network, Mas Rahmat also provide a local guide, especially for foreign tourists.

Make no mistake, there is a group of French Caucasians stopped at the house as well. No need to wait for the government to promote tourism, Mas Rahmat managed to show consistency in promoting its own way. Dusk With a rental bike, I went through the corner of the town of Banyuwangi. Try culinary, Rice Tempong super cheap and spicy. And record the atmosphere of the city beautiful and quiet. My goal is Baluran National Park (Baluran). Because the most appropriate time is the early evening, then after noon I had to get there. Waiting for dusk at Little Africa in this Java.

The heat of the seafront area of ​​Banyuwangi began to die. Sun shines longer this year began skewed. I arrived at the entrance Baluran. There is still a 20 km journey again, down the damaged road, towards savanna Bekol. Baluran icon. It was the middle of October, the trees looked dry along the way. Prone to get burned. Branches brittle and dry, broken occasionally blown dry. Patience and prudence drive finally brings me to arrive at the vast expanse of terrain and cracked.

The grass was sparse and yellowed meet my eyesight frame. Looks lonely tree without leaves were located far apart. Bekol savannah in the dry season. Bringing imagination to wild forest in the Black Continent. That afternoon, looking bull of Java was bathing in a mud puddle. Monkeys play and fraudulent work on the visitors. Agile, they are running around, chasing each other. Deer shyly in the forest. And the beauty of the evening to be complete when a male peacock out of the woods. For the twilight I did on the tower view. Myaksikan Baluran broad overall. A French Caucasians looked amazed. When I asked, he has nine days in Banyuwangi. "I love the beautifulness of this city. Amazing nature, "he said.

I come to enjoy the sun slowly home. Although hindered the hill, but still presents reflections dusk. Meditations will be a beautiful natural and quiet slowly. Wild animals that live free and subject only to the food chain. And all the mysteries until when this beauty will remain intact. Dawn Dawn is a passion. Morning spirit. Like the HRD office greeting. But I was eager to greet the morning in the crater. Still at 2 in the morning, my bike has sunyinya drove through the streets. Occasionally seen residents who had not yet awake or asleep. Silence. Cold.

But in the dark of the night, I could feel the beautiful scenery along the way. Coffee plantation, clove gardens, canopy of shady trees all neat. Illuminated by millions of stars in the clear sky. When the light of day later, the beauty and the greenery will be obvious. Cold was a little lost in admiration. Too bad. Blue fire iconic Ijen was not viewable. There is a poisonous gas that emerge at night to early morning. For the safety of hundreds of visitors from home and abroad are nearly equal to each other, a new ascent in the open at 4 am. And blue fire also limits hours of 4. So it is impossible gets blue fire.

However, the spirit still not extinguished. Two hours climbing I went through. Severe dusty road is quite difficult. Seen a lot of foreigners visiting Ijen. Not only Ijen, Banyuwangi is a lot of foreign tourists. Tourism and the festival was the belle of the city is nicknamed Sunrise of Java. Ah talking spirit in climbing ijen, I have to reflect on the spirit of the famous sulfur miners there. -Man middle-aged man with the spirit up and down Mount Ijen twice a day while shouldering about 70 kg of sulfur. Extraordinary. Price perkilonya only about 1100 rupiah. But, amid heavy burden they have to shoulder, still laughing merrily on the sidelines of their break.

Greet and sometimes tempt visitors. At the top. Yellow ground mounting outspread. Terraces and sunken in the crater. Blue. The water in the crater is so quiet. Under the crater that miners hung her spirit. There also is the source of the death of the one closest to the miners. Toxic gases without news could emerge. Their lungs may also have the color yellow as sulfur. And their shoulders are strong enough to withstand a heavy load. Twilight is an afterthought. Dawn is a passion.

Equal proportion in menadalami meaning two different times, it will balance the life. Too spirit without reflections make us the wrong way. Too brood without passion just makes us so morose. Berkacalah my nature solitary Baluran and great miners in Ijen. However, how the country and its leaders? What has been the spirit and brooding. Perhaps too the spirit and less brooding twilight because the wrong path traveled a lot in the leader of this country.